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My Personal Fight with Cancer, that Monster in the closet… Part 2

You know, a lot of us believe our lives to be mundane at best but in this day and age with all the social media and such we go through some type of change every day. People share ideas with us, include us in their private lives and supply us with information we never gave any thought to. I too believed my life to be uneventful and downright boring until that day back in January when I was told that I have pancreatic cancer and that my life would never be the same.

As I have stated before, my first thoughts were of my daughter and my grandson and how my death would affect them. What memories my grandson Jack would have of me, what impact have I really had on my daughter’s life. In-fact, there was a flood of thoughts that went through my mind that afternoon but when that rush of thoughts cleared and I realized that the lives of my family would go on no matter what I began to think of these really simple things….. What have “I” done? What have “I” truly accomplished? Have “I” left my mark on anyone or anything at all and would “I” be remembered? My idiotic mind first came up with the idea to have a really fantastic headstone placed on my grave, something that would be noticed by anyone who walked through the cemetery but hell, that even sounded ridiculous to me once the thought was completed!

This last year has been nothing but changes for me. When all of this started I was pretty much alone visiting with my daughter and grandson and working all the time. I really had no big responsibilities in my life and I had just begun as diretor of Firm Foundation Ministries. Oh I was busy and to my thinking at the time, happy so what more did I need except an answer to this cancer delima? Well God had other plans as He usually does and He began moving me in a diretion that would prove wonderful for me. Now don’t get me wrong here, I never said that living alone, working at the job you always wanted and pretty much feeling free were setbacks or a mundane existance. When you are living solo you can explore many new things and go places without the need to take anyone else’s needs or wants into account, hell you just do it! Well this was not going to be the direction I was headed nor was I going to do just what I damn well pleased, as I said, God had plans so in March He shuffled the deck and dealt me a new hand.

I had been friends with a lady here in Cabot for about a year interacting online and talking on the phone. I must say that yes, I was attracted to her from the start but just did not have the courage to act on it. Well in March of this year all that changed when we met for the first time…… Hmmmm, I had found someone to share my life with but how was I supposed to do this with the damn cancer haning over my head? Needless to say this worried me to death and I had no previous knowledge to fall back on for answers. It was then that I decided to simply turn this over to God and let Him point the way. I told Suzanne about the cancer and of course she was very concerned for both her and myself and what the future may hold or if there was even gioing to be a future. So we began to see each other on a regular basis and we enjoyed our time with one another. We ran around all over the place visiting here and there getting to know one another and meet each others family. Suzanne of course fell in love with my grandson Jack and I believe the feeling was indeed mutual. My daughter and her new husband Terry also came to be very fond of her and for once my daughter gave a gold seal of approval to a woman I was dating. I met Suzanne’s sister and her husband and really enjoyed spending time with them and just talking about the state of the universe. Everything was going along real well and I had no complaints until the next round of chemo started and I became really sick.

I had filed for disability in February and was under the impression that it would take a long time to receive approval so I was content to continue working but when I became sick from the treatments my boss and my close frined Jim Coffey suggested that I take a break. Well I said I was ok and that if I felt that I could not continue I would admit it and we would do whatevert became necessary. In May this came to be and I could not do the things required of me on a day to day basis so I agreed to go and stay with my daughter while I was being treated. I of course believed this would only last a couple of weeks and I had no idea that it would be July before I was able to function again as a normal person.

Well I received my disability in March, which was a miracle and by May I was moved in with my daughter so I could be watched and made to take care of myself. In June My daughter and family went to Texas for their wedding (Alisha’s to Terry) and Suzanne came to stay so I would not be alone and to make sure that I took care of myself properly. Well this proved to be a blessing in that Suzanne and I were now able to explore the possibilty of moving in together and it worked!!!! Today we live in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Cabot, AR and share our love with the family. I have begun to work online doing some small things and hope to grow a business from this. I miss the ministry and the guys but I plan to launch a prison ministry in January 2012 so I will be involved once again blessed being able to bring the Word of God to those who have been tossed aside by society. Just being involved again in something makes it all worth it and being able to care for Suzanne is a blessing as well. God has shown me that my life was not coming to a close, it was just starting and that the possibilities were indeed endless.

All in all I am happy today and the cancer is just another challenge. My faith and my trust in God has grown by leaps and bounds and I will be forever grateful for the blessings I have received. I know that one day this terrible disease will bring me down and maybe by then I will be tired and ready to go but until then I look forward to ALL that life has to offer. My biggest prayer for today? Why it’s to help all of you and I pray that my success may be an example to you so that you too can enjoy a “mundane” life just as I do everyday….

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Thankyou for your story , it was so uplifting . Ihave PC and the news is the worst that a person can be given , i was diagnosed in oct with a terminal prognosis , mine is also wrapped around veins After much thought over the last few months i have decided to go for the chemo which i start on the 16th of this month . Itoo live on my own and feel like i have by no fault of my own given my kids and g/children all the worries . Iwatched my brother die with the same cancer 3 years ago so i am very aware of all that goes with this cancer . Itry to keep positive but its not always easy to do . ...


Thank you for the comment and believe me the chemo works... Just make sure that you have a good relationship with your medical team and you will be fine. I opted out of the Ironotekan due to the hair loss thing but the rest of the drugs have slowed tumor growth and brought my Ca19-9 numbers down. Today I live a pretty normal life with little problems and I owe all of this to my oncology team who are just great!!! Hang in there and pray. You will be ok!!!


Thankyou for sharing your story, as Cath says it is very uplifting. Its hard finding a positive story about PC. My Dad has it from september and is inoperable. He was very ill before his chemo. Since having his chemo he is now enjoying life again and like yourself his CA19-9 is steadily coming down and is putting on weight. He had to stop his work but he and mum now enjoy time for walks together and he is able to do all the odd jobs around the house he never got time for. He enjoys his life, stays positive and as you say we all have faith in the power of prayer! I hope your treatment will contiune to work well for you. All the very best...Rachel


Thank you for the comment Rachel you and your family will be in my prayers.... :-)


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