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Ascites in the Abdoman, does it mean cancer?

Hi all, mum was diagnosed with PC in july and then in Aug told she didnt have cancer , then in Dec after a further ct she has been told they are unsure... 50/50. Now she has developed ascites, a build up of fluid in her abdoman which they are going to drain and biopsy..... does anyone know if this means she is more likely to have PC? thankyou sarah x

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Ascites is the accumulation of excessive fluid in the abdominal lining, called the peritoneum. This extra fluid causes the tummy to become swollen and distended. Approx 10% of ascites cases can be a result of cancer including breast, ovarian, stomach, colon and pancreatic cancers. Until the doctors do the biopsy, it will be difficult to tell whether it is cancer which has caused the excess fluid. Sorry not to have been able to give you a more definitive answer.

Good luck! Ali


Thankyou Ali...... Im hoping the fluid could just be from the operation she had or the damage to the pancreas caused by the "fibrous mass" the original biopsy showed it was. Its so hard to stay positive but I am trying for her sake.

sarah x


Please keep positive Sarah , the news that the mass on the pancreas is'nt cancer must be such a relief to you all , If this turns out to be cancer and its not in the pancreas then your mum stands a much better chance of recovery . i have terminal PC and its the hardest thing to come to terms with . all the best to you all and keep those positive thoughts going . love Cath x


What a distressing time for you all, try to stay posilive, my thought's are with you and your family, Good Luck christine


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