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After a whipples and 6 months of chemo, I have been told that my cancer has "diffused" into my stomach. What does that mean for me?

Is this termed secondary cancer, or is it the same one spread?

I've to go for something called second line chemo shortly but just wondering if this is still termed pancreatic cancer or stomach cancer? What is the prognosis when the first regimen of chemo didn't work?

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Again - are you being treated in a unit that specialises in PC - sounds like you need a second opinion and are speaking to someone that can answer your questions.


my consultant is porf jeff evans at the beatson, who is a specialist in PC. i will see him again in a couple of weeks so i can ask questions then. i think i was too shell shocked to ask anything when we met the last time.


Hi Louisek,

The term diffused I would take to mean spread. So the likely answer is that it is still pancreatic cancer that has metastasised (spread beyond the primary location, i.e., the pancreas). People respond differently to different chemotherapy drugs so the first drug(s) you were given you may not have had provided as good a response as your doctors would have liked. Therefore they are trying something new which may have better results for you.

it is very important to ask as many questions as possible when you are speaking to your doctors. Most of us find it daunting when we have to see our consultants. Some patients find that by taking in someone else to the consultation, they can be the 'ears' and can help you remember what was said.

If you are not satisfied by the answers or just feel that you need someone else to confirm or not what your doctors are saying, then it is well within your rights to ask for a second opinion.

Also, it may be worth asking if there are clinical trials available to you. Often patients can do better when on a trial. We have a link to clinical trials for pancreatic cancer open in the UK on our website which you can find here scroll down to the bottom of the page.

All the best,



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