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I had a whipple in 2009 and now my 19.9 blood marker are going up

Hi I had a whipple op in 2009 I did not need chemo as the tumour was small. This year in July at my checkup and scan my ca19.9 blood levels are up and seem to be going up although they are still low at 220 they seem to double every 8 weeks my scan is clear I do not know what to think can aanyone helo ....

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I had whipple op march 2010 everything was good untill march this year when like yourself at my 3 month check up my ca19.9 blood had gone up but my scan was clear. I was sent for a cat scan in liverpool and that showed that the tumor had returned. I have been having chemo since may and at the moment everything has remained stable, I am dew another scan end of the month. Is the option of a cat scan available to you it does seem to show more than a ct scan. I was gutted when I found that it had returned but you must remain positive. Please keep in touch as I would like to see what options you are offered.



Hi Kenny I am still confused about the scan you had in Liverpool The C t scan I have is called a cat scan with the contrast die they inject into you was the scan you had in Liverpool a pet scan which is with radio active injections and is better to see what is going on. If I dont get this offered to me I might have to pay and have it privatly I am so gratefull for your input as we did not know what to do kind regards


Hi Kenny!

i recommend you to do more investigation ,as i know it is not so good that CA 19.9 getting rise ,please check yourself as soon as possible .

i can understand you ,good luck dear


Hello I had a ct scan on ist October and was told it was clear but the 19.9 levels had gone upfor the third time althought relatively low now at 250 but they had doubled in 8 weeks my doctors are going to discuss it next tues with the surgeon at the Royal free who did the op then will decide if they are going to do a further test or wait another three months is a cat scan the same as a pet scan what were your levels to prompt them to give you a cat scan thank you so much for the info kind regards


sorry I think I am going off my head it was a pet scan that i had and my 19,9 level was about 175, Are you being treated at the royal Liverpool? as I attend the clinic on a tuesday for my chemo. Hope everything goes well for you I am due a ct scan at the end of the month, Keep in touch,



Thankyou for you quick responce I live in Essex I had my whipple done at the Royal free in London but I am treated at our local hospital. We are waiting untill next Wednesday to see if I am offered a pet scan on the nhs if not we will pay and get one private the nearest one is in Guilford in Surrey. without your input we would have left it untill feb which is what my consultent wanted to do I dread to think what the 19.9 levels would be by then . Thank you so much for contacting me I will let you know how I get on and good luck with your scan


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