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Pancreatic Cancer....treatments?

Howdnotjuy Folks,

My name is Lonnie and I was diagnosed with PC round the middle of march...They did an enscopic ultra sound and discovered a 3 mm or cm tumor in my pancreas and cultured to discover in maligment, and determining it at stage 3 ...? and it happens to be over vessel atterary and cannot be removed. They did a. Catscan2-3 weeks later and it had grown to 4 and had spread to lower left region of left lung and showed that is forming cells around the bottom area below the heart...but had not spread to/in the heart and any other vital organs except the lower left lung.. I have been on chemo for the last 7 weeks and have had to skip a week between weeks because of low white counts. :-) I believe my chemo is Gemsta-something or the generic equivelent.................My question is photon or proton theropy a possible treatment for this?...I've research all kinds of treatment as alternatives away from chemo and radiation and am most interested on some feedback to offer my different solutions to send these uninvited guests out thedoor... I am 57, my mom just passed away April 2nd after being diagnosed 3 weeks before...she was grandfather paused away at 78 from the same this is hereditary.............

Thanks for being there, Lonnie Sigman

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Hi Lonnie,

First of all, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, so close to your mum's passing away and to hear that your grandfather also had this horrible cancer. I lost my dad to PC in January 2010, so I know how quickly it takes hold and effects everyone.

Secondly, has there been any mention of clinical trials by your oncologist or specialist/doctor? Have you got any outside support from official sources like Pan Can (I see you're in the US, whereas I'm in the UK) or any other PC charity? It may be worth contacting one of those for help with clinical questions.

There is usually someone here to get support from.

Take care



Hi Lonnie , i live in uk , i am 60 and diagnosed oct last year , mine is wrapped around 2 veins so is also inoperable , I also lost my brother with this just over 3 years ago he was 50 , its an evil cancer , are you on Gemsitibine , thats what i am on , my last scan showed it had shrunk by a third , so just started my next cycle . hope you get some answers to your questions

Love Cath if you go onto patient stories on here you will see my story x x


Hi Lonnie,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

My brother passed away with this cancer three and a half years ago, and now my sister is fighting this horrable cancer,the question, is it hereditary?I don't think that has been proved. I am taking part in a study at University of Liverpool, hear in the U.K, they want to study why some families should be at an increased risk of pancreatic cancer and try to identify what reasons or genetic markers there might be for this. this is the European Registry of Pancreatic Diseases (EUROPAC) I feel sure that there will be some similar research going on in the USA.

Best Wishes,

Christine .


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