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I had the whipples operation 2 years ago followed by 6 months of chemo, and up until Christmas everything was going well but since then I have been having some pain around my stomache.

My doctor sent me for a ct scan and I had a blood test. The result of the scan was the same as the scan I had 18 months ago which is good but my blood test came back a bit high,I go back for another blood test on Wednesday 7th March.

I can't get it out of my mind that this horrible cancer has returned to my body and if it has what if anything can be done for me, the pain is getting worse and my mind is not in a good place at the moment. How am I going to put my family through it all again telling my wife and my children. Sorry I can't carry on writing to emotional, but hopefully I can keep you up dated at the end of the week.

Sorry to burden you all but I have to talk to someone.

Many Thanks


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Hi Kenny,

I wanted to respond in my capacity of pancreatic cancer patient. I know all too well your fears and at times like this you will not be able to think of much else.

The very good news is that the CT scan shows no change. I was speaking to a patient a few weeks ago who had several elevated blood tests and this turned out to be caused by an infection which has now cleared up.

Your initial blood test could have been a blip and they are repeating it to make sure. In some cases patients can have stomach pains due to their initial surgery or they could be due to something completely unrelated.

I would tell you not to worry, but I know from personal experience that can be very difficult. To keep positive, try to hang on to the fact that the CT scan was good. I wish you luck and please let us all know how you get on.

All the best



Hi Kenny,

It's understandable that you should be worried, anyone would be, after all you're a survivor of one of the most undetectable cancers known to man! Please don't feel that you're a burden, because you're not and if you want more hands on help, someone in the same boat to talk to in real time, join my Facebook group

Families in Support of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. We have a couple of members going through it and a few survivors, Ali from here included! So please feel free to come along and join us!

In the meantime, know that you're not alone!



Hello Kenny...I could not even begin to understand what this must be like for you...thinking it was all behind you than having this worry....All I can say is wait for the blood work and see what it may be something else from the surgery that you had....I am very impatient waiting on tests and all for my husband, so I could imagine your worry....please let us know how it goes..we are here....xxxx Miki


Hi Kenny. I too am in a similar situation at the moment. I was diagnosed with PC in Dec 09 and had a distal pancreatectomy just before xmas of that year followed by chemo and regular MRI and CT scans with my most recent being still disease free in Nov last year. Over the last few weeks i have started to experience some discomfort in my left side and into my back, some loss of appetite at times and lethargy. Blood tests have come back normal with my cancer markers being less than 3. My CT scan is being brought forward and obviously, i am concerned as this disease is never far away, with every twinge being noted, but i try not to let it engulf me and continue to lead a full and happy life with wonderful family and friends. I wish you all the very best and keep everything crossed for the results we all wish for you. My very best wishes to you. Manny xx


I was 39 years old at diagnosis, fit and active with a mostly organic and vegetarian diet-this disease is indiscriminate. More needs to be done to encourage earlier diagnosis and more positive outcomes. I cannot tell you how many people have presumed i had breast cancer because i am female and how little many people knew about this terrible cancer. There is still so much more to do. Manny x


Hi Kenny,

I understand how you feel, and these situations can cause a lot of anxiety. I agree with Ali that the CT scan is the most important diagnosis.

I've just had five treatments and although my tumour has shrunk my tumour markers have gone up. My oncologist told me that they are a guideline and could be symptomatic of many other things. The scans are the most important diagnosis.

Thinking of you and send you love and courage.



Thank you all for your replies and I am sorry that I have not updated you sooner. I went for a blood test last Wednesday and it's still on the high side but it had not increased much in two weeks, I am due another blood test on wednesday 14th. I am still having the pain and need to take paracetamol to ease it.

I spoke to the nurse and he has suggested I have a PET/CT scan? I do not know much about this scan and am waiting for more information. I am still eating well but the pain is getting me down, I will keep you updated but I am not very good on these commputers as you can tell.

Once again thanks for your comments it does help when you hear from others who know what you are going through.

Kenny Morris

(Still going out of my mind with worry)


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