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Tumour not responding

Morning all,

Thanks for all your interesting and informative blogs.

I had a big disappointment on Friday night.

My tumour, which is a mass rather than a solid tumour, is not responding to the Fulfirinox anymore. My tumour markers have been going up steadily and so it has not been effective over the last few treatments.

Of course I am devastated as is my family. Starting tomorrow I am going on to a weekly dose of Gemzar. On for three weeks then off for a week. Scan every three months.

I've visited some very dark places this weekend but I will pick myself up soon and start being positive again.

Thanks for all your inspirational stories, they really help.

Lots of love and hugs,

Maz xx

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So sorry to hear your news, Try to be positive. the Gamzar might be a better treatment for you. good Luck Christine x


Morning Maz,

So sorry to hear that, but the upside is that you're still here to fight on! Keep going, don't let it beat you like it does so many too far gone for treatment.

Take care

Jayne x


Hi Maz , Cath here , like Jayne says keep fighting, we have to fight this , i amso sorry it was'nt the news you wanted , i hate these after scan appointments , but you quickly learn not expect anything good as the downfall not too good , i go with an open mind and silently pray , even though i'm not religious . Gemzar is what i have 3 on i off , its quite well tolerated , it makes me very tired for a couple of days , so chin up Maz and lets beat the hell out of it . by the way mine is a mass also . love Cath x x x


Thanks guys,

You are truly brave and supportive.

I'll get my positive head back. It was just a bit of a shock to hear the words.

Words none of us wants to hear, but have to face.

Take care and lots of love,

Maz. Xxxxx


Hi maz,

Your not on your own, my mum

Also received the news on Thursday that GEMCAP isn't working anymore for her, her secondaries are starting to grow again on her liver, positive mental attitude coming your way !!!!! Thinking of you, del x


Hi Maz,

So sorry to hear your latest news but keep fighting this terrible disease and keep positive. The drug you are going on now might be the one that can help you. Thinking of you so much. Take care Love Lorna XX


Hi Maz,

Just wondering how you are getting on with the Gezmar treatment? Been thinking of you so thought i would drop you a line. Keep strong. Love Lorna XX


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