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How long did it take for your CT scan?

Hi there,

I am 21 and I have been having problems with my health (indigestion, dark urine/pale stools, fullness after i eat and upper left and right abdominal pain)

I had my blood test done in the middle of august which showed my amylase and lipase levels were normal and so was my sugar levels and my liver functioning levels were normal just my iron levels were extremely low.

I also had my ultrascan done which i called the clinic to find the results and they basically said there were no gallstones causing the obstruction which really leads it to other causes such as cysts/ cancer or an autoimmine disease and maybe something really rare.

I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow and request for a CT scan and further blood tests.

It has been two months since all of thia started happening and it is now getting to the point where I can't eat food because I feel way too full and belch.

I wanted to know how long did it take you to get a CT scan from refferal? I feel a diagnosis is quite urgent now Thank you!

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Hello, how pale are the stools are we talking about light brown? or light yellow? or simply grey?

Also urine color, are we talking about "Yellow, Orange urine" or the color of English Breakfast tea?

How are your bilirubin levels? are your eyes yellowing? You can have a sluggish gallbladder and stones will not show up on a ultrasound scan. You should have a HIDA. The probability of pancreatic cancer is VERY low for someone your age. Amylase and Lipase are not specific enough to detect pancreatic cancer. Please update us on your results.

This can be caused by lots of things, if I had to take a educated guess on this I would say you are dealing with a sluggish gallbladder, do you have shoulder pain right side?


Hello, thank you so much for your concern and reply. I had never really considered a sluggish gallbladder mainly because I do have slight stomach pain that feels sharp at times but I will definitely talk to my GP about this

My stools are not grey but they are yellow and my urine goes from yellow to orange to brown but mainly brown in the mornings if i didn't drink too much water but the colour is usually darker than it should.

I have back pains but mainly on my right side in the first week when all this started i had right shoulder pains but mainly a dull ache and what felt like swelling under my right rib after a week that is when i started to have the stomach ache along with the right abdominal ache and fullness and that has remained I mainly just feel full all the time. I wake up in the mornings and I feel full and sometimes it has radiated to the left side ofmy back but just on three ocassions.

My skin and eyes have not turned yellow at all it has been two months now and I don't know why I have guessed because I am anaemic but would you know of any reason for this?

I know I am young but I have seen people who are in their early 20's have pancreatic cancer it is very rare but rare does not mean impossible.

It could also be a cyst as well.

Again thank you so much for your reply I hope you are doing well too!


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