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loose stools

I had few consultations from Gastroenterologist . Did a sigmoidoscopy plus more stool , blood tests etc , all were clear.She didn't find anything wrong. My major symptom is loose stools ,4 times a day or more . Her decision was "pancreatic insufficiency" .She put me on Creon 25000 . I have been having them for 3 months now. It helps for cramps /bloating/gurgling etc but loose stools. Then she prescribed me Pancrex V tablets . But looking at the ingredients looks like they similar to Creon .

Why Pancrex V ?

What could be other possible causes ?

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I take Creon. 12,000 with snack and 24,000 with meals. My stool is Olympic style when I do that. If I stop Creon I get EFG (extremely foul gas) and my stool isn’t as good.



Can I ask what your lipase numbers have been?




24,000 Lipase Units



So that's extremely high correct? I'm in U. S. Here the range is 8 - 60. Mine is consistently low... 5.

Read this low lipase isn't a good thing and has been linked to PC. I'm just scared and trying to get some answers.

My GI says it's a wait and watch game for me. Hope you get some relief soon. Thanks for responding so fast.


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