Hi, Sad to say that mum passed away on 18th August 2012. We as a family can only hope that she was was not in any pain. We would like to be able say that the end was peaceful, but unfortunately with this awful disease, final complications made for a very stressful ending for the hospice and my sisters and me. They were absolutely there for us and made sure they did all they possibly could to make our farewell as dignified and peaceful as it could have been. People since have been amazing. Once we let the funeral people take over, with care and consideration we were allowed to plan and say goodbye to mum. Her life celebration was lovely, all her children wrote a piece for her eulogy, we kept it honest, real and funny. A friend of the family read on our behalf, I like to think that mum would have been proud of her family on the day. We have now separated and all gone home, but still spending time trying to come to terms with the sheer speed and brutality of the disease and how ill mum became in such a short space of time. Early days for us as a family, but would have to say that my sisters were all fantastic, I do not know how I could have coped without them. What a shocking way to bond with your sisters as mature adults. But we came together at a time when it absolute mattered the most and we all have memories of this time. Some not all bad, some warm, others funny, but never at one time did we feel alone. Thank you all for your comments it was really comforting to hear and read your stories. Regards, Julie x

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  • Dear Julie,

    Firstly our condolences go to you and your sisters. It has all been very traumatic for you but it sounds like you have a loving family and you were looked after well by both the hospice and funeral staff.

    Do let us know if there is anything further we at PCA can do to help at all.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.

    Ali xx

  • Thank you Ali, it is still good to know that there are always people who you can talk to. Julie

  • Hi Julie,

    So, so sorry to hear that your mum finally lost the battle with PC. I hope that you and your sisters stay just as close in the weeks and months to come. I also hope that you have good support besides them, I know it helped us tremendously to have good friends, both on and offline, to help us get through it.

    Take care

    Jayne x

  • Thank you Jayne. x

  • You're welcome, I feel for you so much knowing what you're going through. I'm supposing that it's you now that has to deal with all the clearing out of your mum's things, bills etc? It's a hard job to do, especially on your own, I did it. Having to explain over and over again why you're cancelling accounts...well it's draining and heartbreaking.

    If you'd like my e-mail address for a bit of extra support, just let me know xx

  • Hi Jayne, we are all doing fine, as only we can! It is early days but we have lots of support from each other and family. Thank you for your thoughts and comments. You have been kind to a stranger and it has been most appreciated. Thank you. Julie x

  • So sorry to hear of your Mum's passing, keep strong for each other,

    Best wishes

    Christine x

  • My heart goes out to you all at this sad time but hold on to the happy memories that you have of her and they, along with the support from your family and friends will get you through this. Xxx

  • To you all.May we send our heartfelt condolences at this time.We remember this time very well has our sister passed away in March.Not a day goes by when we do not think of her.Sending you strength to cope.Best wishes Loraine and Tony and family

  • My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I sounds as if you are having wonderful support at this very very sad time. I lost my darling husband in April of this year 3 weeks after diagnosis to this vile vile disease. My thoughts are with you all xx

  • Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my comments and to reply. x Julie

  • I will pray for your mom and god bless you all xxx please take care and love to you all x

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