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Worried about pancreatic disease

Hi all

I am really worried about possible pancreatic cancer. I am a 35 year old male, dont smoke but do drink.

I have been suffering for 5 weeks with epigastric pain and more recently some body wide itching. There is no rash or raised skin with the itching, but it is always there.

I have paid for 2 ultrasounds and the one of the pancreas said it was clear and the sonographrr got good images.

My blood tests have all been normal, including amylase, bilirubin, celiac but 2 of my liver function tests, albumin and total protein serum were above the normal range.

My GP does not see any red flags so wont refer me yet the more i read, the more i see that epigastric pain and itching are linked to pancreatic cancer.

Could it be something else?

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hi Northernjim... I'm 37 male,

Like you I've been doing so much reading about my systems lately, for example in just four days I've lost a stone in weight unexpectedly, I'm always thirsty needing to urine often and after a very low appetite, fatigued tired and no energy. Anyways all this has lead to Cancer and most common Pancreatic cancer. GP said it didn't seem it could be Red Flag but because the amount of weight loss, she sent me yesterday for an Xray and blood test. But from reading about this type of cancer and how difficult to spot It has me worrying all the time and even had a panic attack, so in the morning I will be going back to my GP and have them double check this.

I was wondering if anyone has lost unexpected weight with this type of Cancer?

hope your well and that your on your way to recovery?

all the best


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