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Hi everyone, I'm new to this group. We were informed in early September that my amazing mum had pancreatic cancer which had already spread to her liver. After numerous hospital visits mum started her Chemo in November. She saw her oncologist on Monday and he told her that he was cancelling any further chemotherapy as it was not working. We are all in a state of shock, can I ask is there anything I can do to help my family deal with this devastating news, and how do I break it to her grandchildren that the magic medicine is not working. TIA

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Hi Sirpwa, i see that no one has responded as yet; and so i thought i would, though i do not have much knowledge in this field. Have you spoken to anyone at the Hospital about support re this sad news? Has no one offered your family any support? Firstly, make sure your mum is as comfortable as can be and as pain free as can be . Maybe Macmillan Nurses can be of help?? Here is a link with phone number

They do have palliative care and i'm sure of you phone them they should be able to assist/ give advice. x


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