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Suspected pancreatic issue_frustrated and scared

Hi, I am a 33 y.o. female with a 3 years history of digestive issues. I have been previously diagnosed with IBS and gastritis. At that time I had frequent diarrhea and lower left quadrant pain.

About two years ago, I started having upper left quadrant pain and pale stools, and I did a lot of analysis including an MRI, which revealed nothing. I went gluten and lactose free and was pain-free until 2 months ago.

In july, I started having occasional dull pain on my mid right side (gallbladder location) and was feeling tiredish. The pain was worse when bending, or in positions in which my rib was hitting the spot. I went to my GP who did a serie of blood analysis and a ln abdominal ultrasound. All the findings were normal except somewhat lower ferritin (11ng/L). The US was clear. However, since the pain continued and moved also to my mid-left side under ribs and got worse after eating, or when laying down. I went to hospital for further investigation. However, all my results were normal: all blood test including pancreatic enzymes are still normal, tumor markers negative, blood sugar normal, ferritin back to normal and the contrast-enhanced CT and MRI also clear. It would all be very good if I didn't have this pain, that seems to be worse after I eat (especially if that something is fried). I feel the pain at times in my back, especially at night and NSAID don't help. I also feel that the food I eat stays undigested for a very long time. Above all, I lost 5kg (12lbs) in 3 months and I am extremely worried that I might have pancreatic cancer. I read that this cancer is somtimes quite difficult to diagnose and is often missed on CT. Please help with suggestions. Would a serious issue show up on some results? Am I crazy for suspecting that? Should I push for an EUS? What could this be? Thank you in advance! God bless!

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Just to add that the pain is gradually getting stronger. Until a few days ago, the pain didn't prevent me from sleeping, but now I cannot sleep well from the back pain.

The doctors do suspect some kind of pancreatic insufiency, but do not know what's causing it.

I apologize to all of those that are diagnosed and to whom my problems seem minor, I just need advise on how to proceed from here.


Hello Dreamy, I've been having the same symptoms as you, and am lifted by your negative results to date.  What is your news now?  I have had gallstones for years, but after two years of acid reflux (due to anxiety they say - ha!) I now have a pain in my back where you say which just does not go away and is getting progressively worse over past two months.  Also stabbing pain occasionally in centre chest and stomach that feels like a lead weight.  Have hives on my arms and pale stools.  Dr insists is anxiety.  I have nothing to be anxious about. 


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