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Cancer returning after whipple

Hello my cancer has returned and could have spread to liver I had a whippLe in 2009 I have not had any chemo What will I be offered is all the chemo available on the nhs. We are devastated as we thought after all this time I was cured. I have a appointment with oncologist to discuss results from Mri. Can anyone give me some hope. Love silverstreet.

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Incredibly sorry to hear it has returned. My mother recently underwent the Whipple in November 2014 - was under anaesthetic for almost 14 hours - an extreme operation.

I've no other experience except being with my mother for every appointment.

Hoping someone can provide advice.

Sending virtual hugs across the airwaves.


I have Chronic Pancreatitis and have been told that I am not going to survive another bout of Sepsis, as my only kidney will fail. I found that my Chronic Pancreatitis, also puts me at risk of renal failure.

Lately, my Chronic Pancreatitis has been playing up. I feel that after having it since 1989, after a Cholestectomy that it is altering into Pancreatic Cancer.

I pray to our Saviour King, and my faith helps me cope with the challenges that I face with my health. I know many have turned their backs on Him, blaming Him for the evil in this world. He is not to blame. The wickedness of mankind is to blame.

I know it sounds like I am preaching, but my faith sustains me, even though, I know Death could take me either through Pancreatic Cancer, or Renal Failure. I know it isn't a pleasant subject to have on your mind.

I understand how you feel and your family feels. Personally, for me, I find that praying does help me. I feel close to the LORD. Our LORD AND SAVIOUR.

I have pain even now. I am highly anemic and have pain in my pancreas and kidney. I have just the one, as mentioned earlier. The other shrivelled up, but it was small and the wrong way from birth.

I do not feel scared of what I may be facing. I just know that it is difficult to know how to face the future, and the pain and anguish of families that are having to see how debilitating it is and the outcome.

I have a daughter, and American siblings, albeit my mum and I are British. and an American dad. I have to prepare them and my husband for what I will be facing.

In the meantime, I live one day at a time. That is all we really do have, all of us around the world, not just those of us facing or going through Pancreatic Cancer.

Just find a Bible and read Psalms and the books of the Apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. You can start with a Gideon, which they should have in hospitals, or speak to a hospital chaplain.

It really does give you hope and comfort. I find that I need communion with people that recognise our LORD AND SAVIOUR and they do make the future not so bleak, if you feel low, depressed, or doubtful.

You are in my prayers, as is everybody is in this group.


I don’t have all the answers but here’s the best I can do for you.

I’ve been watching a lot of alcoholics and some straight people dying of cancer and liver disease. The nicest lady never drank and was around 50 years old but she had cancer as a child and it returned...but she knew to go on vegetable juice and root juices and didn’t do it because she was too poor.

From diagnosis to death it took her and also my mother all the way, 6 months for both. It’s as if they doctor’s agree to finish you off with chemo and radiation. Well my mom avoided the chemo and just took radiation. The doc said none of it mattered, she was going to die anyway. She was 70. Neither wanted to go on wheat grass juice, they wanted to give up and die anyway. Both could have afforded it. I was puzzled but forced to lose them. Maybe they had too much bad attitudes which is another part of a real cure to be grateful to learn truth.

I’m noticing all the survivors, all of them, are eating out of the gardens as fresh as possible. They juice like a maniac, and this means about one half gallon a day of organic ginger root or turmeric root and romaine lettuce, and celery juice in equal portions, or whatever you can do. They said I couldn’t drink a quart of ginger root a day and I did it anyway and it worked like magic for me. But it did burn out the juicer....well several of them.

And drink a lot of water and a lot of digestive enzymes seem needed for those that want to eat along the way but I would give up all the other food pretty much. I think maybe fresh squeezed organic apple juice might be okay sometimes, they say not green apples if you have cancer.

Well, there’s also chlorella with lemons that helped me a lot, even spirulina with lemon juice in it. And I ate around half a cup a day.

These people that think they can buy lemon juice in a bottle, and not squeeze and fresh organic juice and use GMO ingredients, or don’t even know how to figure out what is GMO.... They are going to die, there’s no hope. They are too far removed from nature and have gotten too stupid for too long. The doctor’s have a routine they are

allowed to do and the cure is usually worse than the disease and they don’t do body radiation counts but that’s said to be the cause of 80% of the worlds cancer cases is radiation dropping around wherever, and people fly through it also. It’s melting plane parts and electronics weaker metals, and always has, and they have always known it since the 1940’s. Now with Fukushima and radiation in the seafood people are getting that into their bodies. Most people that know won’t touch any Pacific Ocean seafood nor will they eat any GMO farm fish.

The cure is out there but it’s intensive and may even take cleansing water fasts a few days at a time. And ridiculous amounts of sleep helps if you can’t sleep deeply.

And parasite cleansing, much stuff from the ground, growing green stuff like dandelion greens works but if you want to kill parasites that cause cancer symptoms.... I’m only familiar with fresh ground cloves, walnut hulls from fresh green walnuts off the tree and I found it from watching the birds, then I read about it in Hulda Clarks cancer treatment books resonated with me. That works but so does just staying on green juices. You have they say 11 minutes to finish it from just being squeezed or it’s too dead to depend on.

It’s amazing how many people won’t buy and juice turmeric root or eat dandelion greens and shop at grocery stores and eat meat and frozen food and expect to live a long time. Some meat eaters do live to over 100 but they are on farms and don’t eat it very often at all.

One place cancer starts up is in the mouth, with dental x-rays, that stuff get’s into your thyroid, neck, and tooth matter and it’s like little micro cancers for life, your teeth rot out and half the people in the USA have dentures by 50 years old, but for the poor countries people that can’t afford x-rays have beautiful teeth for life. You won’t see it in America so much because they all reach for false teeth and hide their health condition. It’s a lie to wear false teeth because that is a very weakened person looking strong.

When they put the mercury fillings in the teeth it causes a lot more poison and so they say "your eating sugar" and that’s the problem but sugar was just feeding the x-ray caused cancer that was there for years.

Quite frankly system people stick together and make money and don’t distribute true data if it’s not paying them anything, they take the routine job that isn’t set up to cause all this survive and thrive stuff.

The help they are allowed to give is not a cure as often as it’s treatment, management of your dying case. But there are massive people online that are screaming their success stories on serious natural juice diets and fasting and cures you can find in the nature. Lot’s of scams in the mix but there is truth out there.

Baking soda fights of cancer pretty well and this is why it’s better to brush the teeth with it to stop bad breath. Or take a tsp of baking soda every day. Cancer stinks, bad breath is generally cancer from dental x-rays. Cancer in the stomach... it stinks, like wherever cancer is is rot and stink. When they do surgery or autopsy, they have a hard time dealing with the foul odor. There are doctor’s injecting baking soda solutions into cancer and having cures over it alone.

But people are mostly walking dead all over not even knowing...I’ve seen it twice when their doctor told them they needed more antacids for 5 - 10 years, and didn’t tell them they had stomach cancer. I’ve worked in the hospital and seen it so much.

People ate their way and got other poisons into disease and can eat their way out of it. Why? Money or if they don’t like that patient or whatever, like they aren’t in any mood to deal with telling someone they are dying and hearing them whine about it, or they lose their job if they don’t offer the routine treatment which is really mostly death management.

What they do is kill the cancer with radiation. It works but they never remove the radiation they added or the original radiation and it starts up cancer over and over.... other chemicals that caused the cancer, much rarer than radiation as a cause are also ignored, they give you at best some more years. But the cure, doesn’t come with treatment, it’s a direction in life and involves living right, food, and attitudes and mother earth, this planet is about life and growing things for some and technology for other’s and there’s this divide wether one is better than the other...It’s been tested over a few times....nature wins in the end, it is God’s design vs technology.

To get as much as possible all better you have to go for the cure 100%. It’s a correct path, it’s natural and organic... In this cure people learn valuable lessons how they never should have put shoes on and left their land and moved to cities and suburbs. They never should have chased money, sex, and power. Like I chased a good job with real good insurance and so my teeth are gone now from dental x-rays and I fight mouth cancer with baking soda my whole life but at least I know it works...other people, they don’t know, they think they should eat a few more healthy things and take some pills or surgery....they have no idea.


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