Co drydamol??

I am taking co codamol 30/500mg four times per day depending on rate of pain, sometimes only three times. They do not seem to give as much pain relief as they used to. My daughter has suggested I ask my GP for co drydamol as they are much stronger. I have done a little research and it states they are for moderate pain and mine is usually severe. Has anyone any info on this medication they can share? Thanks Ann

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  • similar but diffferent, codydramol can cause dizziness however!! both opiate derived pain killers

  • Thanks, will maybe try them and see how I go.Ann

  • Where is the pain?

  • Severe arthritis in the spine, have had the steroid injection in the back but it only lasted for 4weeks, The specialist said the condition is called spondylolyithesis and curvature of the spine. This also causes a severe pain shooting through my buttock and leg down to the ankle bone. The leg pain is every night from about three am and am having to continue dozing in a chair with my leg raised. What a charmed life. Never mind could be worse I suppose.By the way I was only going tio reply " in the back" and then the above essay poured out, sorry Ann

  • Hi, my partner has the same symptoms as you and is taking the same drugs as you,

    My doctor has put it down to unspecified back pain.

    Have you had any other opinions on the subject?

  • if your doctor will not give you anything stronger, change your doctor.I have the same complaint as you and I get very severe pain.I am now on 600mgs of morphine a day.I think you would notice a huge difference if your doctor changed you onto a low dose of morphine, approx 10mgs

  • Hi am going to book and see my GP next week. Thanks for this info, I feel now that the meds are not working and I know people who are taking the same meds as me to cure a toothache. I am in pain on a scale of six to seven every day and by the time I am finishing off in the kitchen in the evening. I am in tears just about every night. It really gets to me as I am 57years old and feel I should be able to cope with this pain.I shall mention the morpine and see what he says. Will keep you up to date, Thanks Ann

  • Hi Annie The Co codamol tabs are stronger than the Co dydramol The tabs you are taking contain 30mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol, so in all you are taking 60mg of codeine at a time. the Co dydramol contain10mg off dihydrocodeine and 500mg of paracetamol Have you heard of Fentanyl paches, you change them every 72hrs and they are a bit stronger and an opiate as well as the others Take care Regards Moggiemayx

  • Thanks I will mention the patches to the GP. Feel it is time to go on something stronger. Ann xx

  • Hi Ann

    I have had codydramol for a few years. Only take them if I really have to, which is less these days. Had to have a couple of doses last week during a flare up. The advantage is that if i take them in time I usually feel better pain-wise the next day & can get back on top of managing the pain. The drawback is they make me feel very sick sometimes. There is no reason to this as sometimes I can take them & not feel sick, and having food with them doesn't always help. Also feel quite dizzy so not a good idea to take them if driving. Also get a dry mouth and constipation, but I get those on co-codamol.

    They seem less effective now, maybe I've got used to them? With co-codamol & co-dydramol I've found they don't exactly take the pain away but they make me feel fuzzy & I don't care about the pain.

    Why not give them a try?

  • Hi, I have seen that what works for one might not work for the other.Also we all get different side effects.I am also impatient and need to give the meds a few weeks to work. I tend to pack them up if I don,t feel any better after two or three days! I will try them and let you know how I go. Cheers Ann

  • Hi Ann, I am like you, I like instant results and that doesnt happen. I tend to pack them in if they cause me problems,We are all aiming for a good quality of life and pain free but some times that is hard to acheive. Take care. Hope you get on OK at the GP Kind regards

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