Co-proxamol suppliers?

My friend has been able to get co-proxamol on a private prescription through a private doctor. We were getting some locally up until about March last year but it's extremely expensive, we found somewhere more affordable online but they're no longer supplying it since last month.

I wondered if you knew anywhere either online or somewhere we can phone to get hold of co-proxamol please?

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Can you write to the maker direct from the info on the patient information leaflet you get with your meds. And have you read the info on this drug on wiki. It possibly explains on the uk paragraph bit why you are having difficulties getting this drug on prescription.


If you are in the u.k., it's available on prescription. Don't know if you have been taking it for a long time but it's an opiate and addictive.... If it's pain relief you need then speak to your g.p.


Thank you my friend does have a private prescription, and we can get hold of some but it's the price has gone up by 250%. Thank you for the idea of looking at the leaflet I think my friend has probably tried that but I'll check.

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