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Pain after CT Scan

I had a pelvic CT scan with contrast a month ago and since having the scan have felt unwell. I did have an allergic reaction to the contrast, swelling of the throat, headache, eye pain and was prescribed antihistamines which cleared up the problem with the throat however since the CT scan I have had a tension type headache which does not go - pain is on the forehead and to the sides of the forehead with pain in ears some of the time and pressure/pain in right eye. I also suffer from tinnitus in the left ear and this seems worse since having the scan. Could this head pain be caused by the CT scan? Has any one else experienced a similar experience?

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I am no expert but think it's unlikely that a CT scan has caused your headache, as these scans are done all the time and I have never heard of anyone who's had one getting a headache, especially not a headache for such a long time after. It's probably a coincidence. If you're worried you could phone the CT department and ask them. You say it's a tension-type headache, so perhaps the more you are worrying about it the more you are tensing up and the more it's hurting?


It is possible that doing the process of taking the CT scan you had a small muscle going into cramp. The CT scan would not have done this. Howver holding your head very still could have done this.


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