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Well it looks like it may be getting warmer there now, So we can all begin to enjoy the sun once more,

We will start taking Pax on the beach for a good run off the lead, being a young Collie he goes like the wind and makes you look on, wishing you could do the same

Every thing seems so slow in the gardens and we cannot wait to see some colour and get the plants out in their positions, will visit some of the castles soon might even go over to Holy Island before it gets too busy.

I got my digs programme for Northumberland, might go and see what they are finding.

Whatever our disability, summer always seems to lift moods and warm those stiff joints in many of us. We seem to have more to look forward to, nights get longer and if warm we can watch the sun go down and watch the stars come out. In the north we have very dark skies and we can see the stars, that becomes more and more interesting even if you only have a cheap pair of binoculars One of the best occupations is to sit on the beach and watch the Gulls fishing from Farne Islands, when the chicks are born.

When you think even in pain we can still enjoy the summer however little we can get around

and the warm dry weather can warm those stiff joints and mucles.

So with all hope we can enjoy warm days and cool nights



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We are 'owned' by 2 Collies and what a wonderful, wonderful breed! Had 4 before these and all so unique. David says they are his physio as he tries to walk them every day. I bought a tennis racket and balls after a friend gave me the idea! Poppy will be 13 this year but you'd never know! Merritt the baby at 3 adores her.

I gave up waiting for spring to arrive and booked a last minute holiday to Madeira - warm dry climate suits David very well. Been many times and enjoy it so much. He almost comes off his medication - almost!

So be good and be back soon.

Pat x


Hi Bob,Glad you are feeling happier. Hope the sun is still shining for you. After a sunny day yesterday,here in Cornwall it is overcast and windy. The flowers have gone back to bed and the birds are staying put in the trees. But who cares,Summer is on the way. Keep smiling.x


Hello beaton

Will just have to kid ourselves on, we are back to dull days, we still have snow on the hills

All the best



I love to watch the seagulls. I have to make do with watching them scavenge after the tractors. A bit of sun and warmth definitely lift the spirits if not the body.


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