Tenerife anyone?

Seems we left the hot sunshine here!!

Excellent trip and found a beautiful villa with own private swimming pool. More like a very large bath but can pretend.

Big garden and outside space for Collies but that astro turf really does have to go. Ghastly stuff.

Plenty of space inside with lots of bedrooms so....... get planning your holidays.

Exciting new beginnings but will still have the internet!

Unfortunately David was rushed into local hospital when his BP crashed. Still poorly and no idea why. So I have been dealing with agents here and there, surveyors, banks, forms by the draw full, removing weeds from the garden and mowing the meadows.

Will have a listen to as many posts as i can when sun goes down.

Missed everyone.


Pat x

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  • Hello Pat

    Seem back into civilization, no real weather to talk about, so you have not missed much heat in the UK.

    I hope you will both be happy with your new prospective home. We have a pool in our garden, the old iron bath, full of soil and bulbs, looks qite good

    Is your David back home, How is He now ??


  • Yes cos it was a private hospital for people who have holiday insurance. They won't let you into A&E til you give them 200 euros.. They kept the canula in til he paid 2000 euros. Without that guaranteed by insurance company he would still be there. The way England NHS is going.


  • Pat how will you manage for David and treatments, is there a recipricle agreement with UK Health


  • Their health care is very good so not worried...yet! Hopefully there should be a reduction in his strong pain meds too. Better weather always makes you feel good.


  • Eeek! What a worry...

  • Bliss! Glad to hear all about it. 😀☀️👍🏼🍀

  • Hi pat

  • Hello my friend. How's you??


  • Not good my pain specialist has told me I have got 6 to 12 months before I loose the use of my right hand I can not live like this anymore I will be coming off this site in the next few months it's getting harder to type with my fingers, I would like to thank u for everything that u have done for me. Hope david is well and hope u both be happier when u move to the sunset

  • Not good news but if you want to carry on with your computer then that is very possible. I have a voice recognition on mine although I don't use it.

    How else am I going to keep in touch if you don't write to me? Not letting you get away now. Give me a problem and I will try and solve it!

    Bigs loves


  • Yogibe . I'm sure there will be systems of voice recognition etc that you can use. I doesn't make you bad news any better but I do think it's important for all of us to maintain contact with others in, if not a similar condition, the same boat.

    Don't just leave please


  • Yes please stay around Yogibe using whatever technology works to do so. We all need each other on here and we would miss you very much.

    I'm so sorry the news is not good, but that's the time to stay with us folk who care about you,



  • Welcome back Pat, glad you are settling in not so good about David but I am sure it will all turn out well for you both in the end. Enjoy the sun and our posts later Every best wish xx :)

  • We are actually still in Scotland for the moment Katie!! The house here is just about to go on the market when surveyor writes his report and I can find some crates to fly the Collies out. And get our few bits on a ship!.

    All being well be mid July.

    Meantime it is hot and sunny here!


    Pat x

  • Hi Pat did I lose the plot thought you where already in the new place in Tenerife, was busy planning a visit to you later in the year :) :) Sun in Scotland ?? never know what will happen each day . It is overcast in the midlands today, got the decorator in repairing his faulty work so like you everything is out of routinex

  • Plan away - we will be there by mid July. People visit for winter sunshine but you have to leave. We stay!

    Been glorious here all he time we were away - bit of a blip when we came back but now shorts and T shirts for days


  • Good to hear your voice again. Sounds pretty good. Are you back in Scotland ? Already for another referendum. I'm pretty sure what you will be voting.


  • Yes home for a few weeks while I sort out selling and packing for shipment.

    I have tried NOT to listen to in out shake it all about. memories of what Tories said out our own referendum. Do they really care about us? Nope. All to their own ends.

    In or out it doesn't actually affect the likes of us who move abroad. Still get David's War Pension even if they eventually decided older folks like me can live on sunshine and passion fruit.

    So i might be a bit naughty and vote out!!

    Tell me how Glasgow appt went


  • Hi Pat, so sorry to hear that David got hospitalised while you were away. I do hope that the NHS are going to get to the cause of the low BP before you relocate.

    Please do vote before you go. Think of us poor souls who have to stay.

    I can't help thinking about what you say about relocating and that whatever happens there is always David's War Pension. Especially as you know that this is how we afforded to relocate here by using mine.

    Keep sane, Rib

  • Thanks Rib. I am sane just those around me aren't. Why do they keep sending me attachments which I repeatedly say i can not fill in? Easy they say. No it isn't. One actually arrived in post today. At last.

    David's BP is a mystery. Lisinipiril or not his BP shoots up or crashes. No idea why. Unfortunately he was taken to the 'holiday insurance' hospital. Like the USA pay first treatment after.. As insurance were fiddling around he was held hostage with the canula. Sort of OK now but took over 10 days back here to settle down. Maybe I should have left him in new house in warm deckchair!

    Voted by post yesterday and God help England. I say England cos according to the squabbling no other UK country matters.

    Waiting on confirmation but looking good for 18th or 19th July. Need to get the Collies on same flight as us. Did you know priority for cargo in the hold is....human remains, livestock, suitcases.

    Bigs hugs

    Pat x

  • Hello Pat. It does seem so strange to think that in a few weeks you will be so very far away. Especially having HU bringing us together again after so very many years. Of course, in reality it would not make any logistical difference if you and David moved to the centre of England instead of mid Atlantic. I still have not ventured further than the 20 miles to the nearest A&E.

    I think that it is simply amazing that you and David have progressed this move so quickly.

    I don't think that Ann and I could have even managed to appoint Agents and Lawyers in such a brief spell.

    Everything here seems to have changed down a gear or two. I feel rotten to be whinging when we have more care per day than most folk have per week. Ann has been worse and I get more depressed over that as I cannot help her.

    Yes we did vote at the weekend. Every time that Scotland has been on the news it has always that the Tories are running both Remain and Leave and whatever the result Scotland wants in and if Westminster leaves Scotland will rejoin as a separate country.

    Hope you both stay well and keep on target.

    Luv Rib & Ann

  • Emailed you Rib


  • Thank you Pat. I see I was right about the container.

  • Actually Pat the result of the referendum could affect those of us who live outside the U.K. I live in France and if the leave vote wins we may lose the reciprocal health cover we now enjoy. This exists because we are in the EU but if we go out it could be withdrawn.

    The other thing that worries me is that if the value of the pound drops our pensions will be worth less.

    Nevertheless we have no intention of returning to the class ridden unequal society that is the U.K.

    Hope you love your new life. Good luck

  • Yes we thought similar at first. There are alnist as many ex pats living in the uk as in Europe. Can you imagine the outcry if people had there health care withdrawn in tit for tat?

    No it will never happen so will be fine.

    Money wise our pensions will fluctuate. But also means more when pound is strong!

    Like you no way are we staying now. All booked to fly out 5 weeks today...18th July

    Bring it on


  • Hi Pat nice to see you back with us on here, I'm really pleased that you have found a property that you like, you must be so excited wish I was coming with you. It's been really nice weather here in North Wales and hopefully for at least the next week, I need to get my tan started as we are off to Las Vegas two weeks on Monday, after my cancer scare and the relief to find out it wasn't cancer I just felt I needed a break away, it's been non stop tests endoscopic biopsies and blood tests the last 3 months, I had a biopsy again last week which confirms again no cancer cells and a scan tommorrow to look at size of lesion when the Dr did the last biopsy he said it looked smaller than the 1st time. The general opinion is auto immune Pancreatitis so going to discuss what happens next with consultant on the 8th.

    Back to you, whereabouts in Tenerife are you going to be living my daughter really liked the island, it's not somewhere I have been to but now have a good reason to visit, hope you've got a big teapot for all the visitors you're going to get over the years!

    Take care good luck with the packing and the move, I hope David is feeling better, I know it was difficult David being ill while you were there, but on the other hand you know 1st hand how well they have looked after him which must be a comfort.

    Don't forget to get your Internet sorted so we can all keep in touch.

    Wishing you both all the luck in the world take care big hugs and love Sheryl xx

  • Oh Cheryl I am so sorry. This came up in the midst of some email docs and I missed you.

    Hope you haven't gone on your hols yet. Much deserved and know you will have a fabby time. Suntan started too.

    Dates confirmed. We fly out 18th July! 2 Collies crated in the planes cargo hold and us squashed in somewhere in cabin. Dogs are only allowed on certain flights as planes must have heating in hold for livestock. As their fare is more expensive I mustn't grumble!

    Container will leave on the Friday and David is keeping back a small TV to go in his suitcase. Says will have nothing to do without it!!!!

    For Sale board has gone up. Had a quiet moment just thinking about the future for us and David in particular..........

    Have a smashing hols and catch you when you get home

    Hugest hufs

    Pat x

    Will message you my email

  • Great to hear from you pat and I hope David will be ok. X

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