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Many with pain have problems with tiredness and associated problems.

When jobs need too be done we start of with good intentions, possibly take an extra dose of pain control and begin our chores or so we hope. After a time that basically is not very long all we want too do is sit down and rest, and it takes the devil and all its minions to get us back into the fray

Stiffness can set in and our backs and joints dictate to us that we have done enough. This has happened to day my wife is planting a nursery bed for all the plant we have brought up for our garden, you pick up a fork dig a hole and that is it.

It is not being lazy, it is just tiredness, that is caused by my immune system as mine works double time as part of my condition

In the garden now I have too sit and do my bit, although even then my joints stiffen and I need too stop. take a rest and cannot continue. This is no comfort for my wife who has too carry on with the chores, so everything takes for ever to get dome. This is happening with me today. and it is a real problem in those of us that are disabled.

When taking Pax for His walk that can take an age, our next door has a dog too walk and she has learned that I will take forever to get where I need to be, it takes three times as long and when We get back I am to tired and need to sit and rest for a further two hours or so

Every time tiredness sets in we need to sit, say tea break and that stops the wife doing what I should be helping with. so she then gets annoyed. and I become upset and flustration sets in.

When you talk to the occupation therapist confirms your line and you wonder what you can do to prevent this problem that I have had for near on thirty years now and it really stings me when I know I have no choice I cannot carry on.

All the very best


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oodlesbotherations!!! hey Happy Easter to you and your family, and everyone else on this website! best wishes from WhiteDaisy

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