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Pains like insect bites and have not been bitten

Last night just above my knee I had a sensation as if I had been bitten by a gnat. I felt the pulsation in my head. Scratched but no bite. Any ideas on what causes these pains. Nothing to see at all and nothing on the sheet.

Secondly my muscles and bones hurt. Especially the one running down the inside of the leg from 'base' - thigh and knee. when I have a massage my legs hurt when touched though always feel better for the weekly massage. any ideas on cause. The legs are not red or discoloured.

Yes I do have RA and this part of it? Please help cos reassurance means I do not have to worry.

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Hello Skeggy

Sometimes I suffer irritation, I cannot say if it is from joint as I have skin psoriasis so I get splurious problems that are not from the tendons or joints.Possibly with you it may be nerves that you have been resting on, this will cause pins and needles if you rub it it most probably will gorge the area with your own blood. With having rhum and ostio arthritis your muscles could tightening up because the area contains a damaged joint, Bone pain will be caused by damage to the the offending joint, tendons and nerves.

When you have a massage you will find that you are rubbing the joints etc and increasing the blood supply, you will also release and relax the offending tendons and nerves , including mussels , sorry for spelling, and the surrounding bits surrounding joint.

Some problem that are similair is that a artery or vein gets blocked and forms clot in the offending area.

Generally under the circumstances regarding the problems you have, go see the GP he keep you right as I am not qualified on this . It will put your mind at rest, if it is a muscel try a warm compress this will open all blood ways and may also take away the pain. If there is heat in the area try a cold compress I am sorry for spelling etc had a busy day

All the best , see the GP



Hi Skeggy,

I do not suffer from any pain similar, however, if you think it may be to do with RA there is another community that can advise you better:

Unfortunately there isn't one for OA. I hope they might be able to shed some light for you.

All the best, I hope this pain eases if the future.


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