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I have been off work 6 months with back and knee pain.This week on Monday I had a cortisone injection into the tendon as the second doctor I have seen also thought my knee pain was tendinitis.Monday and Tuesday were ok but since Wednesday I have been in worse pain and now I can hardly walk because of the pain. The anti inflammatory pills I have been taking are not helping with pain. Any other ideas people - any suggestions gratefully received

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  • Ow.

    Frozen peas wrapped in tea towel will help numb the pain for short periods.

    As it is Saturday and no doctors around you can call NHS24 , explain to them nd they may be able to advice for the weekend.

    Then get yourself to your GP Monday.

    Are you taking any pain relief meds?


  • Thanks for the message.Put ice on as suggested and it has calmed down a bit x

  • Glad it helped. You can try a hot water bottle or heat pad to alternate with. Hot water bottle helps most ailment!!


  • Dont these jabs take a while to settle down?

  • I have had them before but this time the first and second day were ok but from the third day I have a sharp pain in the area of the injection and it is hard to walk

  • When I've had cortisone injections they've been agonising for about 4 days then they settle down. The best thing I found was to not move the joint. Bit difficult with a knee joint I know.

  • This is a week on from the injection and I'm still in more pain than before I had it done.Will continue with the ice and call the clinic in the morning

  • You need an MRI scan. Knees are not simple mechanical structures. There are the possibility of lots of stress being placed on areas of the knee that should not receive stress. If you have a torn ligament then the knee is not supported correctly and muscles try and compensate. This will result in a distribution of stresses and various parts of the knee complaining.

    Anti inflammatory pills will not work for certain types of inflammation as certain types of inflammation is accompanied by excess fluid which places pressure on tissue.

    See a massage therapist to work on the stiff muscles and dissipate some of the fluid.

    After that, see if you get a chiropractor to look at the back. The muscles which work the knees are connected into the back and are affected by the behaviour of the muscles in the back. Discuss the NICE guidelines about lower back pain with your GP and the recommended chiropractor treatment in the NICE guidelines.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks John.I had an mri scan on my knee and it shows swelling and arthritis in the joint and a minor tear in the spacer cartilage.The pain is in the tendon but as you say the anti inflammatories I am taking for my back pain are not helping with the knee pain.Just seem to be stuck in a vicious circle as the knee and back pain aggravate each other. Going to ring the clinic in the morning as my follow up appt is not for another 2 weeks

  • Cod you think you could be allergic to the injection ?

  • Had them before with no problems.Going to call the clinic tomorrow and see what they say

  • Sounds very similar to my condition - I suffer from a HYPER EXTENDED knee joint - which means that my knee allows me leg to bend further than 180 degrees - not noticible to look at but noticible as far as pain is concerned - nobody is able to tell me why and how it started !

    This has also given me Scolioscis in my back..

    I have had a cortizone injection - straight into the knee joint - an extremely painful injection by itself - you could feel each individual cc being pumped in - never again

    It did nothing for the pain of the knee

    I have a blue card assessment on Wednesday - finger crossed

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