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get the flags out!

Teadrinker would like it to be known that yesterday, following round 2 with the physiotherapist, she experienced NO PAIN (for about 10 hours) and had LOADS of energy!

This is a first for me, as I have previously never come out of any hands-on treatment (physio, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, injections) without feeling (a) like I've been run over by a steam roller and (b) like I've come round from an anaesthetic. I think it may have been the result of the physio really listening and varying her treatment to suit.

I had to adjust my mind-set from the usual "well I've had treatment & I'm going to hurt again now" to, "well this is good! Surely I shouldn't be feeling this well? What, you mean I can be like a normal person and am actually allowed to feel OK?!" Spent all day feeling pleasantly surprised.

Of course it didn't last, as due to an unforeseen domestic drama (too boring to mention) I messed up some of the good work. But I have so far not needed pain killers today. Even if it doesn't last I enjoyed the novelty.

I am the also the proud owner of a red theraband ( one of those massive stretchy rubber bands with which to do exercises). I hadn't realised they smelled so pungent.

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That's great, the physio listened to you and altered the session to suit. Hope the rest of the course goes on in this same way and you are able to keep the routine up when they end. Those big rubber bands are good, mine was turquoise, It was hung from the living room door knob haha, and I got into the way of using it quite a lot apart from the set regime I had been given. Hope this happy feeling continues, good for you.



Good to see that your physio is responding to your requirements. May it continue for you.

You keep the hard work going...



Is'nt it a nice feeling not to have a bit of pain for a whilie, I'm fortunate with my physio as he has been at pain (excuse the pun) to tell me not to do anything that if any of the exercises he gives me make me hurt to stop it, the exercises are designed to ease my pain not cause more, he has never told me to do a set number of any of them. I had doubts about going back to physio as previously it had not helped, however I feel that this physio gets me, maybe they are starting to take nerve pain and its associated problems seriously and have a sympathetic approach to it. I hope the physio keeps helping you and here's to less pain and more joy.


Hi all,after my visit to a physio she told me that I would be coming to see her on a regular basis and that it was only 50/50 that there would be any improvement at all, on her advice I did,nt follow up. Then my brother had to see a physio and left the " red band" at my place after a visit. It is also hanging over the door knob and I use it at least once a day. Not sure if I do the right move with it but I stand on it with one foot and just stretch it up over my head a few times. Must say it feels great when I do it, I shall keep on with it as it is not doing me any harm


Teadrinker so glad you had a relief ,I bet it was lovely all beit strange to not feel the pain..even for a little while :)I hope things improve ,settle over some respite at least now and then x jan


Great news. Hopefully subsequent sessions will be as good, and the effect longer.


Hello Teardrinker

Glad you have got a bit of relief, we all need to be more proactive with health workers we may get more out of it . When good very very god when bad horrid

All the very best, keep the faith



I am stretching my theraband over the newell (is that spelt right?) post at the top of the stairs as our doors are a bit dodgy. Since the calamity of Wednesday evening (a sick pet) things have settled in my shoulder - so far, so good!


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