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OxyNorm 5mg

I have been taking 4-8mg of Buprenorphine for 6 months.. now is day one of OxyNorm 5mg - it says 1-2 tablets every four hours.. do I HAVE to take it this often, even if the pain isn't that bad - to avoid withdrawals? Any information REALLY appreciated. I'm a bit nervous as the chemist made a BIG deal of giving me this medication (even though I explained at my worst, I'd been on 70mcg Fentanyl patches and Oramorph)... but she has unnerved me... !

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All meds are there to give you comfort in a life of pain many do not give total relief. If you are not sure on the doses you need to go back and see the GP if he does not know he will contact specialist, they will tell you what to do as your conditions seem quite different to what I know

All the best



you have the option of the lower dose of one tsblet rather than two these are not smarties and dr must think you need them so dont be scared x


thank you for the advice...! x


hi, in the past i was taking oxy norm, and oxy condone together, when used properly they r a god send. And 5mg isnt a high dose. It took me 6 weeks to come off them, wont say it was fun,but will say it was necessary, and as stated if doc didnt think u needed them, u wouldnt get them. pain team told me that the less pain u have the quicker the recovery will be. Dont be a martyr. they r there to help x


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