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Fibromyalgia? Polymyalgia rheumatica, 'just arthritis'?

I have had two hip replacements for osteo-arthritis, and definitely have arthritis in two toes after an injury. This kind of pain is long-standing.

Several years ago I had an 18-month course of steroids for apparent polymyalgia rheumatica, involving buttock and shoulder pain. Recently, I have similar pain, but my C-reactive protein and put down to arthritis. I also have a severe recurrence of right-sided sciatica, for which I've had facet joint injections and radiofrequency ablation, plus sporadic neck and thoracic pain and sporadic wrist/thumb pain. One notable point is that apart from the sciatica, the back problems, and also the buttock and wrist pain are always bilateral and, with the exception of the buttocks, not so frequent.

Do you think this is likely to be fibromyalgia- I also have severe tiredness and depression, or a recurrence of PMR? I see yhe pain clinic in April. Are they likely to consider the cause or should I also be referred to a rheumatologist?

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So many questions you need so many answers, Under the circumstances you seem to have many contra indications. The best thing too do is see the Pain control clinic they will be able to sort out your treatment regime. Many of us with pain seem to be always tired.

Look after yourself



Have you been checked for hypermobility, as I have had pain in nearly all my joints of different severity and duration. Took a loong time for an answer, Bilateral pain led to tests for R.A and Lupus, not to mention Thyroid Gout etc.etc. Check Hypermobility website for clues, Good Luck Jan


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