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pain syndrome ?!?!

After various Neurological tests i have been referred to a pain clinic, i am on various medications and have been suffering since 2012. I started with a numb foot which has led tp pain in the whole of left leg which can result in losing some use of leg temporarily. This makes me walk with a limp or stagger. Someone in a shop said to me "its disgusting, walking around drunk with three kids in tow". I have been admitted to hospital once due to being in agony with my back, the muscles had gone into spasm due to limping. I have had to reduce my working hours due to fatigue and i am financially now struggling. I am in utter despair and really don't know what to do next, i really cant cope. The pain is worse at night and often i have to get up in the early hours in order to have a red hot bath to ease the pain. I feel my future is bleak as i am failing to keep up with the kids and do the things they want to do. Need some advice on what to do next

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Hi. Try not to get too down (easier said. I know). Hopefully the pain clinic will help u out. Ask your doc about some kind of pain relief until then. You really don't have to do this alone. Come on here and chat anytime you need or want to. Take care julie

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Hi have you considered having R F I it worked for me 9 months free from pain, it was like heaven, that's the good news, the bad news the 2nd one only lasted 3 months but half a loaf better than none, good luck


I have to agree with Julie, the pain clinic is the right step, they will order anymore tests they think might help and have a vast knowledge on medications to help with nerve pain and often can prescribe stuff other doctors cant.

I is soul destroying being judged wrongly by others and not being able to do stuff with your kids, my daughter is 14 and sometimes when my complex regional pain syndrome flares in my legs I cant even walk to the door let alone take her out anywhere.

I hope they get you a quick apt, it is always worth giving them a call every week and seeing if they have any cancellations.



Firstly I would use a stick and get prescribed some relaxant like Diazipam to relax the leg muscles and stop spasms.Look up Restless Leg Syndrome RLS but this is usually both legs. Have you been tested for trapped nerves from each toe to see if the nerve message is getting through or perhaps a trapped disc causing syatica down one side. Sure sounds like one or two of my Fibro symptoms. You need to get back to consultant or GP they don't know how bad it is! I also use Caspian gel (hot chillis) which has to be used with car but a small amount rubbed into muscle gives it a warm relaxed feeling within five minutes and is natural. Keep in touch like to know how you get on. Good luck.


I do have these same problems especially the walking drunk and the getting up in the night I have a coffee some oramorph and my pain tablets sit for about an hour until the pain eases then go back to bed take a sleeping tablet and that does the trick for that night but at least I know the reason for my pain and its hard to describe but it is neurological my vertibraes don`t have any fluid to separate them so they are slowly rubbing together more and more so they were going to operate but after looking again at the MRI scan they decided it was to dangerous they were going to fuse them together or something like that but it was to near the brain so no opp.and now having to walk with a walking stick and all this has happened in the last 4 years I`m 67 but feel like eighty before this I was quite fit even went to the gym at least once a week trouble it all happens slowly so just keep on at your doctor you might not have the same but the symptons sound the same good luck and sorry about spelling x


Pain clinic is a good move. Also, as someone else suggested, get yourself a cane - even one of the fold up types you can keep in your bag. If you start to walk unevenly, then just pull out your cane. People won't think you are drunk then.


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