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First question on here, need advice on left hand side pain down arm and left foot almost like bad pins an needles, neurologist confused!!

It all started last year in earnest when doc thought I might have had a tia (mini stroke) so went to Stoke unit but luckily declared I probably hadn't. Neurologist treated me for very limited strength in left leg so tried gabapentin but not successful as I know a few have said its not for everyone. Started on amitriptyline at night and codiene as needed. Two months ago started to have poor sleep patterns, very disturbed, doc moved me to nefopam but no success, then moved to tramadol, still no regular sleep so this week moved onto morphine at night and continuing codiene during day. Work is suffering and not able to focus enough to be in work. Main problem is can't settle at night to her to sleep hence the morphine to stop the pain and allow me to get some sleep. 2 out of 3 nights OK so far but can't go on like this. Anyone similar or had similar reactions to medication s. Thank you for listening

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Hi CWG2210....

Hey am joe, am in a similar situation to you. Just before March this year I started to get pins and needles on my left side, numbness in fingers and toes....

Suddenly one morning this happened to me at was very uncomfortable. Went to gp, I was then given a appointment to see a stroke specialist, this was in May, so they weren't in a hurry, she has ruled out a stroke.

Then she wanted me to get a Brain MRI done, on which it was done yesterday. So it's now a wait for the results.

I have also been stopped driving by my gp, as in April I was driving home, my left side totally gave in. So from this day my life has changed again.

I have seen a neurologist, as you he is stumped as to what is causing these pins and needles. So if there confused then what am I ment to be.

I just hope that they get something from my mri from yesterday.

If nothing is found then I feel that this has been a total waste of time. Then there will probably be nothing wrong with me.

You take care.




The medications have a selection of contraindications, it seems that the doctor thought it was a nuro problem, and has been lost at what was causing it.

It sounds like nerve damage, although if you cannot continue in a work environment because of poor sleep patterns, your medications may be too strong, if that is the case and you are driving it could be dangerous, so you really need to see the GP again. So you may need to find out if you have a trapped nerve that is causing the trouble. If you stay on strong meds your life may need to change so you can carry on so possibly you will need to see a chiropractor or phsio. possibly scans may need to be taken, to see if there is any nerve damage.

See the GP again tell him what is happening with meds, if you are active possibly you may have damaged yourself.and a different pathway will need to be taken

All the best



Thanks for the replies Joe and Bob. Nice to hear I am not alone.

I see the neurologist on Tuesday so see what he says. It was interesting that the last sick not stated post stroke pain syndrome currently disturbing sleep, and it made me think. 5 years ago had an issue with left knee where it popped, an mri showed a lateral displacement and swelling in between the joint, maybe this trapped or touched a nerve that was not spotted and that is causing the pins and needles in left leg/foot, the left arm they found a discal bar c5/c6 which may be left arm symptoms and maybe I did have a slight tia which they called an episode unclear what it was. Re drugs, only been given morphine 20mg initially up to 30 if required for 28 days to try to get sleep regulated. Driving I am sensible and so far no issues but would never risk it if I felt at all drowsy or not totally OK. MRI was taken prior to last episode, maybe need to get it repeated. Even had a lumbar puncture to rule out ms!! I will get there but seems like I have always been unwell.


I wish you all the best CWG2210....

Am here if you need to chat....

It's hard for us all, but it's good to get things off your chest....

Take care x




You have seen the recommended specialists. How many of these reccomended specialists have checked you for muscle spasms?

Muscle spasms may not show up on MRI scans and can only be determined by feeling for tight muscles with the hands.

A muscle spasm around or pressing a nerve can cause all sorts of unpleasant reactions.

Muscle spasms can be helped by those who have sensitive hands.


Thanks, latest news that doc has said it is now complex pain as can't be pinpointed and can't be explained by consultant. My medications are starting to become therapeutic with amitriptyline from consultant and now morphine in the evening, on repeat for 6 months for now added to the codiene for daytime use. I have asked to be referred to the local pain clinic but no idea how long that will take.


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