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Fronds found in the Bladder

This is what the radiograher wrote. I believe it is thefist stages of cancer. Can anyone tell me what it is, consequences, treatment etc. It is for my husband who has had bleeding form the penis and was in hospital for a week cos clots stopped him going to the loo and hence a lot of pain. Fourth tiem he has had this over 3 year period and hopefully this time being investigated. Would be grateful for any understanding.

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he can have immunotherapy using bcg ,vaccine, chemotherapy or if v bad bladder removal


Hi if you go onto your computer and type in (fronds found in bladder )it comes up with all the explanation you will need.It seems this condition has all types of grades of cancer and the fronds seem to be a low grade.I hope it is treatable for you .Hope this helps you


I had bleeding from the bladder and they found & removed a small malignant tumour. I didn't need any other treatment except yearly follow up checks where nothing was found, thank God! it's my 5th and final one this july.

I've never heard of fronds.




Fronds is the form of cancer that newly starts. It looks like fronds of seaweed.



Sounds like cancer, have no knowledge regarding this, it sounds like the bladder, I hope they have caught it in time. Best of luck here

All the best



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