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where do I go from here

I have psoriatic arthritis,I was under a rhumy for three years but when I could not tolerate his meds. he signed me off and suggested the pain clinic,who in turn gave me a tens machine and also signed me off to my GP.So I still have arthritis but no support and no meds. I was on ESA but that finished in January and because I have no up to date records I don't think I will get it again.I now have no income,my husband has a state pension (£107. a week) and we are expected to live on that.

Sorry to moan but having payed into the system for 45 years I am feeling hard done by.I would love to work but with my health issues,I also have O.Arthritis and a very under active thyroid. And the fact that I shall be 60 in a few months. A job in my area so like a pipe dream.

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Hi, last year the ESA did the same to me and left me with £14.67 to live on for 3 weeks. Hence to say no electric, gas etc oh and this was October 2012 very cold. I went to Citizens Advice and they filled out new ESA forms for me. Suffice to say I was put onto the higher rate - the Support Group and not the work group. So now receive an even higher rate per week. Also when I was asked to go to the Medical... another story. I'll just say I never went and don't have to go for a few years. I will send you a private email saying what I said when I wrote to ATOS for my medical.


Hi fed_up,thanks for your replyglad you got sorted.I'm still working on it,spent most of yesterday reading stuff on line and rang cab.The person on the 'phone was forign and seemed to have a problem with english,strange for Cornwall. I will try to get down to their office to make an appointment.If I can't get ESA will try to get pension credit on my husbands pension. I will let you know how it goes.



As fed up says, CAB is the best place to get this sorted.


I'm an adviser at cab . We are having to launch a shed load of appeals for ESA . Check with ur dr first if he would support a claim for putting you in the support group as you would need a lot of medical evidence from ur own gp. You need to also asked to be refered back to the pain clinic or specialist that deals with ur condition to get up to date evidence. Are you on dla? You need to go to ur local cab and ask for a benefits check to see what you can get. Take details of income other benefit rent or mortgage ,dependants ,debts type of house .

Also visit and the money advice service website.

Hope this helps.



Sorry I cannot help regarding benefits all I know is i suddenly pay tax on tax free income due to a hole in the new system, so they are looking into it, The country seems to have gone to the dogs, all they seem to be doing is attacking those who are worse off all the time, so I sympathize with you whole heartedly

Reading your letter I to have psoriatic arthritis that I have had for thirty years now and effects most part of my body, I was able to keep in with my specialist although I now have a different one every time I visit so there is no continuity.

Over the years i have been on all the DMARDS, and eventually managed to get my NSIDS sorted as pain control and been to two different pain control clinics so I know the tricks that they taught me to control flares and meds. Although now the specialist are wanting to put me

on -TNF s although the past medics did not want me to take them because of severe contra indications caused by the DMARDS and there is a risk of cancer from these meds, so will find out what they are going to do tomorrow from the nurse specialist.

This condition is a very nasty condition and you are the first one that has actually appeared on this site, forgive me how bad are you my problem not only effects all the joints associated with the complaint but also the tendon sleeves so it is now very tiring and painfull, You will possibly know as well we can be mentally effected by this problem because it becomes so extensive throughout the body, and skin problems effect the body

Thanks for listening



Hi Bob,So nice to hear from you-someone who understands.I had psoriasis for over thirty years. I had an accident at work which affected by back.This was when I was sent to rheumatology and give them their dues they did examine me and diagnosed P.Arthritis.After that the care went down hill,the doctor didn't take much notice and just keep issuing prescriptions.Every time I went back(six month appointments) he would try something else.He even tried to give me stuff I had tried before.Each drug gave me vertigo and made me more ill than I was.After I tried methotrexate and was advised by his colleague not to continue with it.The rheumatologist sighed me off his books and sent me to pain relief.I got two appointments there and that was all.My symptoms affect,my neck spine hands and feet.I do find it difficult to walk any distance. I am waiting to see an endocrinologist about my thyroid and must admit I am feeling rubbish right now.

My husband has had cancer twice and never got any benefit,he is now retired. It was my wages that keep us going when he was ill. Thankfully he has been given the all clear now,just follow up appointments.

Thanks for listening.and I hope you appointment with the nurse is beneficial.

Best regars,Beaton.


Hello beaton

It is very nice having contact with someone who has got the same problems that I have. This site is very supportive for those that have pain as a companion.

Now i keep writing blogs and giving some form of support to those who need it. I hope you can find time to keep using this site and will be able to get something out of it. support is strength

All the best



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