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Hiya, Iv got another app with pain management doc, im on loads off meds for cronic pain and am housebound at the min what should i ask them?

Iv got loads of problems with my lower spine it in bits, DDD spinal stenosis, its crumbling also. The nerves are in hyperdrive and also have constant muscle spasms in my neck and back and cant walk unaided for long, I just want to know what the long term plan is. I feel myself falling back into a depressive state again am on meds for this aswell, just feeling lost and angry arrgh

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A good question is "So what other options do I have other then medication and physio?" This always gets them thinking and gets them off their normal track. Or ypu could ask who else could help you with your pain recovery. Again that will Gove them a kick up the backside.

Best of luck.


Ask them how they can improve your quality of life, tell them that you need to feel more than just pain and you need some way of actually enjoying life.

Maybe they could arrange for help in different ways than just medical, aquagym or hydrotherapy gets you out the house and much needed physio. I get more depressed when I am stuck in bed or in the house because of pain and mobility I have learnt that sometimes even if going out causes me pain at least the pain has been for a good reason if that makes sense. Treating a patient includes a lot more than handing out pain meds.

Good luck



Nutty and Jonny have given some great ideas for questions.

You really just want to know what they can offer you that will make your life easier and better. I had a friend in a similar position with a really crumbly spine and horrendous pain, and she has had great relief from having spinal injections and from being given proper walking aids that work for her. Its nowhere near perfect, but at least she feels she can do some things now a little more comfortably.


Thanks will let you know how it goes. I am having facet joint injections in dec, iv had a few different ones over the yrs with no joy so im hoping these work.


Hi. I do know how you feel. Believe me. I fractured my lumbar one vertebra a decade ago. Since then the only thing that has helped the chronic pain, and I mean chronic, is Botox. The muscle spasms are absolutely excruciating. I was told Botox was no longer funded ( by local pain clinic ) . However, I happened to speak to a healthcare professional yesterday and was advised it is being funded again ! I would recommend it. I have been trapped in the pain cycle for a decade and facing an ATOS appeal again so need every bit of help. Nothing else has worked. It's easy to say "stay positive" but v hard in practice ! Remember u r not alone, believe me !


Thanks, it's so unfair tat in this day and age tat all they can do is give us more drugs....... I'm moving around the house ok but the minute I do stuff like put the shopping away I'm bandaged for a few days. Since the kids have gone back to school my depression is getting to a major low again I just fed up of this vicious circle, but sure what can you do


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