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Been prescribed pregabalin 25mg for 2 weeks for headaches - whats the point?

Two weeks isnt long enough for me to know if they will work or not and I'm not due to see the doctor again for 3 months so I dont understand why they've been prescribed for such a short period of time. Its not on repeat prescription either. Also has anyone had side effects on such a low dose as I'm worried about taking it?

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First was it prescibed to you a hopital outpatient? if so the gp will get a letter and he can give you more and continue treatment, if not Iam at a loss ? its quite common from my experience( hospital( I work in th pharmacy) to give patients two weeks supply, then gp to continue with more.

.Two weeks should be long enough a) to see if any side effects and b) any benefit.


Ahh that makes sense although it would've been nice for the doctor or the pharmacist to actually tell me that as I wouldnt have known otherwise!


I found a small benefit for some aspects of my chronic headache, neck and facial pain when on around 50mg. I found it took a while to find the correct dose for me so you might want to talk to your GP about this. I hadn't found gabapentin helpful. I personally decided that the benefit wasn't enough for me to want to take it long term and I now just use mindfulness and pacing. The only negative effects I had was that while I was reducing from a much higher dose and then eventually stopped altogether I felt quite anxious and had a few panic attacks. However, I have been prone to this in the past and it resolved itself after a few weeks.


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