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Patronising P***s

10mths ago I got an adapted car through Motability - fab got some independence at last . But why oh why do people keep asking me "have I still got my 'little' car ?" LITTLE CAR ? IT'S A 5 DOOR ASTRA 1.6 ELITE !!!! Hardly little. What do they expect me to have ? Something like - you older guys will remember - the blue fibre glass 3-wheelers of yester-year ? GGGGRRR. For those that don't know what im on about have a look on-line please. It just winds me up that these people - who are mates - just think that cos I've got disabilities I'm not the same . Maybe when they ask for a lift I should just say "sorry i ain't got room - its such a little car" ;)

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I'm not that old but I remember the 3 wheelers (& I don't just mean the one in Only Fools & Horses, although that was a van, I think). A family up the road from us had the three wheeler and all 4 of them used to cram themselves in! I also had a flatmate whose boyfriend had one because it was so cheap. One night his mates lifted it up and carried it away!

But yes, I get your point. Winds me up when people ask if I've "still got that pain," and look so surprised when I say yes, it's not going to go away. It could be worse though - your friends could add the phrase, "Oh bless". (Please don't say that they do already).


I'm afraid so !! :(


I also have a motability car and get really annoyed by the number of people who assume I got it for free! GRRR!!!

I have a Corsa and its a great car, I can now drive to my sister's 50 miles away without being in agony when I get there, but I can't afford to visit too often because the car is costing me so much, most of the time I can't afford the petrol for much more than essential journeys, so the car spends a lot of time parked up outside my home and I still don't go out much - though I have to say, I also don't feel well enough to go out too often even if I could afford to... sigh.


I'm a 2 vehicle family .... well I've got a mobility scooter as well ;) I annoy myself cos I end up trying to justify myself AAAARGH ! Im sorry you can't get out much and I can totally relate the not being up to driving and having to see it outside - so near yet so far. When im like that I can think it was better when i didn't have it rather than having it and not being able to use it ! That does pass and I enjoy the freedom when i can use it.


motability to those with chronic conditions, that effect movement and pain, is very important to the disabled person.

The cars generally have to be adapted, most of these adaptions can be included in a higher specified model, on some occasions the car/van type vehicle needs to be specially rebuilt they are classified as WAVS, so the disabled can drive from a wheelchair, hand controls sometimes need to be added from a steering ball to gear flippers to auto accelerators that work by hand also breaking controls, these also can be fitted to a car, automatics become the order of the day.

what i am trying too say is all these adaptations including a moving drivers seat become become cost prohibitave say for a person with a disability who is generally unable to get around on public transport So even tax exemption becomes very wellcome

It is under these points it helps the chronicly disabled get around. The car then becomes essential the disabled who is invariablely on benefit gets something that they could not afford and have difficulty in getting insurance and associated RAC membership.

The model that you get can possibly get with high specs can upset those who are MORE ABLE.

I now this is long winded, it brings to the fore that sometimes it may be better not too tell anyone what you have got. The attitude why do you need that I am paying for that You are onto a good thing showing envy. and all other thought associated with this state that attack minorities

This car is more in line what you need and you still need too run the thing. with a higher spec

It then becomes the best way ignorance is best becomes to the fore.

Just enjoy your mobility, and most of all enjoy what many able body, people cannot

understand, ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM. .

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my friend has a flashy sports car, no disabilities and people ask her the same question!


because i drive an adapted 4x4 i get funny looks when i enter a disabled bay, until i produce my blue badge. i must admit i sometimes wait until the very last second, then whip it out. oh such fun. (i know get a life) take care


Some daft people about. When my OH was made redundant many years back now, a lady I saw in Sainsbury's commented on the fact that I was still shopping when OH was out of work!! Did she think we should all just starve - along with our three children.


Can anyone remember the original Motability cars (coffins) they were single seaters, made of fibreglass and they all were blue with wobbly windows and doors and they carried wheelchairs also I think but were at least a means to get mobile. I have no idea how they lasted as long as they did, I think they had a lawn mower engine judging by their noise.

We have made some advances in our transport over the years.


Oh yes i remember them :) as you say how did they stay upright or last more than a week is amazing. I remember (to my shame) taking the mick out of a bloke who used one when I was a kid :( I guess karma I ended upin same situation albeit a different and better car !!


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