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Hello Dragons, my name is Teadrinker and I would like some of your cash in exchange for my invention.

No, I haven’t tried to market it yet, but I’m sure there are thousands of lovely punters out there who might be interested.

Yes, it is just a prototype and needs quite a bit of work, as you can see from the sketchy design (that's if you can open the design - I am still technologically challenged when it comes to attaching images to blog posts). Use your imagination.

What is it?

It is Teadrinker’s Comfy Glove : an elasticated bandage (commonly known as Tubigrip, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that. Other brands of elasticated bandage are available) cut to size and fitted over the wrist and hand, with one of those stick-on, disposable heat pads slipped between the layers of bandage.

The layers of bandage prevent burns and the heat pad provides a comfortable source of pain relief for those of us with hurty wrists and fingers, where no other type of pain relief hits the spot. The bandage fits snugly so as to stop the pad slipping, and also gives a little extra comfort, a bit like having a plaster on a grazed knee when you don’t really need it.

I am planning on also inventing a waterproof one, utilising a Marigold (other brands of rubber glove available) because just because you’ve got chronic pain it doesn’t get you out of doing the washing up.

Any takers?

(written / drawn to distract self from Ache of the Day, which came about as a result of some minor, silly activity)

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Will you be expanding (no pun intended, yes it is) the invention to the other extremities (the elbows and knees and feet) as well as the neck (possible problem in the installation there) and spine (may end up like a straight-jacket) and the hips makes my mind boggle with thoughts I shouldn't have (the brain has ideas the body can't act on).

Let us know how the prototype gets on, I have a couple of hand warmers that has a stick that you light and put in the casing, it keeps warm for about 3 - 4 hours and these could be considered for long distance running (to the outside loot the bottom of the garden in the winter for instance)

The whole body suit could be a brilliant idea, trouble is I would probably end up looking like a little Mummy and scare everyone.

Otherwise I do like the idea.

Kindest Regards


Sorry to say this glove device is prescribed for a hand splint that you wear at night up in the wilds of northumberland

When we need gentle support at night phsio s give it here, as standard.

Just redesign it a little more and you may make a fortune.or the sheep will get you lol


The handwarmer with the stick that gets lit sounds dangerously like a firework or distress flare - as in "HELP! PERSON IN PAIN COMING THROUGH!" I am tempted to find out if there's some sort of straight jacket that will pull my shoulder into line though. I have experimented with the sticky heat pads on my neck & positioning is a problem. It usually requires half a reel of surgical tape, which then sticks out above clothing and draws attention to the problem. I had this issue with sticking TENS pads in that region and once taped myself up a great deal, forgot I had it all on and went for a GP appointment, where he nervously asked, "What's with all the tape and the wires sticking out of your neck?"

In response r-bell (or should I call you "Theo Paphitis"?) this is nothing like the splint - I really don't need one of those, although I know the sort you mean because my physio & OT colleagues use them. In fact I got the tubigrip idea from them when I needed the heat pad to stay in place but I didn't want it burning my hand.

I may well expand into the whole body suit thing in future, but have a slight problem in that a lot of my pain is in my face, and therefore the only thing I can think of to keep the heat pads insitu around there is either (a) more surgical tape which I tried when prescribed versatis patches - a non-starter as the patches made my face sensitive & I came out in a rash or (b) a balaclava with heat pads sewn inside. Though I somehow suspect the balaclava option will be a problem in post offices..... (can't think why, we all wore them when we were kids in the winter).

Anyway, now I am wittering on. May require a straight jacket for the imagination. Had a hot bath late last night & that seems to have settled the pain right down today.


I wish I could draw. The sight of a balaclava with heat pads sewn inside would make part of a brilliant cartoon character. Don't restrain your imagination in a straight jacket it needs to be free to wander.


I was thinking I might be better off with a detatchable (I know that word's spelt wrong but the pain does funny things to my spelling) left arm, one that can be removed every time it hurts. I had a Sindy doll that had an arm that came off very easily (she had an "accident" falling down the stairs one day) & Sindy always looked very happy.

And whilst we're on it, some detachable heads like Worzle Gummidge would be good. Then every time that pain round my eye started I could just swap the head for a pain free one, or a turnip. Even a turnip would be better than what's going on in my head today. That'll learn me to carry heavy shopping and set off the overactive nerves (though it probably won't be the last time I do something silly like that).


what about making a pocket in a scarf to put the heat pad on your neck - should I have copywrited this first?



Ooh Sandra, that's actually a good idea! Yes, get a patent or those Dragons or Alan Sugar will be in there trying to make money out of it.


teadrinker, I may have the solution, I wear polonecks in the winter to keep my neck warm and to stop draughts going down into my body, how about slipping the heat pad in the fold of the poloneck? If its loose it could be tied in place with a stretchy bandage under the fold. No need for tapes and wires or freaking drs out.


Sounds good, although not allowed to wear polo neck to work (have a lovely uniform instead!) What I'm finding is I need something that really gets to the core of the painful bit, instead of just sitting on the skin. Anyway, another day spent at work driving, typing and sitting on low sofas in other peoples' houses, and now I'm here typing at home. I'm off to warm up my trusty wheatie - even if it doesn't deal with the pain it will keep me warm now the weather's turned.


So many good ideas. Hope you find a solution - the GP wires story made me smile!

Maybe there's a way you could incorporate this into creating a heating pack - if only you knitted it a bit longer..Those Dragons are missing out on these great ideas!


Ha ha! Love the Halloween wig, if I start it now it might be finished in 2018. Reminds me of a judges wig - just think how funky all those QCs would look if they had to wear them like that!


first time on this community page and would just like to say i have found your posts so good and have had a good chuckle . Your invention looks so much more comfortable than the horrible splint things off the physio for my arms and the straight jkt is inevitable when in pain lol. Thanks for cheering me up and seeing the funny side of how ridiculous pain is. keep up the humour as they say laughter is the best medicine.


glad I am making someone feel better. I think I have done most of the dark, deep thoughts about my pain (even though they resurface from time to time), so what else is left but to poke fun at it? I have always had a gallows sense of humour, it'll get me into trouble one day...


ooh! Just remembered, was out with the family at the weekend and my daughter discovered a "garment" on a stall selling clothes made out of alpaca wool & other Peruvian goods. The garment was a hat, snood and scarf all joined together and gloves had been knitted into the scarf, though I'm not sure how that would work if your arms were longer or shorter....? It would have been good for slipping a heat pack into the lining at various points. Anyway, I was tempted but the kids and husband said they'd disown me if I wore it in public. To be honest, it did remind me of wearing my mittens on a string inside my coat (when i was four, not recently, though given the pairs of gloves i lose each winter, it might be an idea....)


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