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Good morning, found it hard getting out of bed as my back had locked and the pain was unbearable!!!!!!!!

My back had locked and I was having muscle spasms. The pain was unbearable and I had to go with the muscle spasms.

I managed to get downstairs, make a cup of tea and take my tablets. I tried to massage the bottom of my back where the pain was but my daughter had to take over. She put a heat pad on my back for me.

My back is moving abit but the pain is still there. My doc won't give me stronger pain killers to deal with the pain. So from my doc , its a "No" to different pain killers, its a "No" to referring me to Manchester Hospital to see how bad and what angle my scoliosis is. What can I do to get the treatment I need???? I can't carry on like this , I can only cope with so much pain as my Osteoarthritis is bad at the moment.

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Hi maisiemoo 14.. I feel for you..first of all..I'd get to see another doctor..if a different surgery near by.. go.. its in far to be left in pain..and not took for real...I used to make a joke saying if I was a animal would of got better pain control.. really...I suffered for years..right though my 20 so..with back..lower.. upper.. never got a thing...until my mid 30 s.its awfull.. pain is a I'll life's on hold..l knew far to well xx hope you get some help.sounds like yo have a lovely daughter,, my 3 do nothing for me


Ask your GP if there is any possibility at all that it could be inflammatory arthritis, and if there is even a vague possibililty, ask for a referral to a rheumatologist. If it was inflammatory arthritis, then taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen would be very likely to help it far more (and relieve pain) than even strong painkillers like codeine, so thats a fairly easy test you can do.


Thank you Ether64 for your advice, you have told me more about what is happening with my scoliosis than my doc. Where do you live??? as I could do with you to loosen my back.


You doc is right about the pain killers. Pain serves a useful purpose unpleasant as it is. Its there to say there is something wrong.

How much of the pain is emotional? Emotion loads onto pain and can make it a lot worse. Buddhism has been dealing with issue for over 2500 years with Mindfulness and meditation. By losing the emotional element the pain can drop quite considerably. There are buddhist groups in your locality who could teach you the rudiments of Mindfulness and meditation.

You are likely to be falling into the area where there is no treatment only management. Management skills of your health disability will take some time to learn. It will require a lot of observation as to what works and what does not. Mindfulness and meditation will help the observational skills. Meditation may appear to be a word obtained from Buddhism, however the Christian religious traditions have been practising these techniques for years.

There has been articles in the papers on yoga type exercises removing and reducing the problems of scoliosis. You will have to google for this.

Do some research on spinal reflexes. Look up the neck reflexes. Try massaging the hands and feet. What does this to do with the back problem. Maybe not a lot. However if you have gone over your stress breakdown point any small reduction in stress will reduce your stress to below the stress breakdown point. When this happens the functioning of the body will improve quite a lot.

Hope this helps


Did your go explain why a referral to the scoliosis specialist was not a useful idea? I think you need to ask if not.


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