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Back pain, Polio, Amputee, broken foot after tipping off my new tricycle, First Ever Blog!


Well, last Sunday fell off my new electric tricycle on way to church. Broke my foot as the trike just tipped over. Sat on trike and rode to church as this one does not need to be pedalled. Thought I had just sprained it, but Xray the next day showed a break in my foot. Have an aircast on now which at least means I can take it off to go in my shower.

Feel quite bashed by all of this. Bruises are coming out all over the place, stomach back shoulder etc. Off on holiday on Monday to Hayling Island but thankfully my twin sister is going to drive us there as my husband does not drive.

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You seem in good spirits considering you accident.. I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

Glad my electric chair isn't a 3 wheeler. I actually have 6 wheels. Have a nice holiday!!


have a lovely holiday.



such bad luck, at least you have a lovely holiday to look forward to.


Enjoy Haying, may the weather be with you.

Thank you for all your kind comments. They are much appreciated.

Weather for holiday was dreadful, but we managed to have good food and a suitable room I could cope with.


! Hello I want to know how to get to electric motorcycle for a patient assistant, I do not appreciate the outskirts to walk I have a paralysis (polio)

Tank you

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