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What could this be shortness of breath scared

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For past dew days ive had shortness of breath, Nausea, Mouth and tongue taste nasty, cough comes and go, tight chest stomach feels weird.

Normal Oxygen levels had routine bloods done all normal and normal ecg.

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Forgot to add voice is going croaky also

Scan of your thyroid would be helpful,

See an ENT , my voice changed turned out to be thyroid cancer which is usually to rock star of cancers to treat so don’t panic.

Your voice becoming husky is really important to mention.

A stress echocardiogram would be helpful in ruling out ischemic or structural heart disease.

I assume you have been tested for Covid? If not need to test. If negative then probably another virus. You have had a lot of tests if only been for last few days. Gp,must be efficient.

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