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Anyone know what the cause could be?

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Im really worried. I am 20 years old and i have been poorly since 2nd January this year and it all started with sudden chest pains on that day, completely fine beforehand. Since then i have gotten breathing problems, heart palpitations, stomach aches, diarrhoea, recent blood in poo and needing to poo about 6 times a day, pain everywhere, lump in neck, pain in legs, a sharp pain in chest that feels like something is stuck, neck, jaw and shoulder pain, feeling faint, burning sensations on face. I have been to the doctors about this and gotten blood tests and i have a b9 and b12 deficiency and i am going to get injections next week and also have higher than normal thyroid hormones but need more tests to see if it has improved or gotten worse next month. The doctor said everything else is okay so my liver and kidneys etc. What could this be? I have been so poorly for a while now

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Hopefully you have gotten a Covid19 test. Hyperthyroidism could cause some of these symptoms. Blood in stool should be investigated with endoscopies. An EKG and CXR would be indicated. Sorry I can't think of a diagnosis that would cover all those symptoms. Covid19 would explain most, if you got the so called long Covid syndrome. Best of luck getting this diagnosed

As one specialist recently told me about my blood work in another office, You can't tell everything just by blood work. I guess I would try to find another dr with that many serious things happening at once. But part of it sounds much like a heart issue, the rest is something else. I wish so much to help but have never heard of all these symptoms before.

maybe you could have celiac disease. I'm not celiac but have the celiac like symptoms (forgot how you call that in English), and one of my symptoms is blood in stool whenever I eat smtg that has gluten in it. It feels like then my whole body enters into an inflammation state and muscles sore, then rash on my face... and all my blood work is perfect! hope it helps somehow

You should post your issues along with your thyroid test results include the lab ranges and let the thyroid group here help you ... you will be amazed.

Jirachi search each of your symptoms with thiamine such as: thyroid hormones thiamine or burning sensations on face thiamine. Always consult your health care professional before using any supplement.

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