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constant shortness of breath and back pain and occasional tension in back of head

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Recently i came home from holiday from Majorca the 25th of june and when i was out there i was experiencing some pretty scary symptoms i started having a horrible panic attack and felt like i could barely breathe what so ever and i thought i was having a heart attack and ever since that day I've been having hypochondriac issues ( I think) I've been experiencing constant back pain (mainly in middle) and a couple of weeks ago i had a week of neck stiffness accompanied with what it feels like pressure the the back of my head mainly with jaw tension and uncontrollable clenching of my jaw which lead to tension head stress (that was about 3-4 weeks ago I no longer experience these symptoms), I am a smoker and i have smoked since the age of 13 and i am now 19. I smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day I mainly smoke cannabis unfiltered with tobacco. ever since i come home from holiday i am constantly (almost constantly after smoking cigarettes with or without cannabis) out of breathe and i wheeze quite a lot (I feel uncomfortable lying down and breathing for instance, i can't lie flat on my back because of uncomfortable feelings below my ribs so i sleep on my sides) and if i panic about it it get's worse with ringing in the ears and tingling in the face, I've been to the doctors they thought it was anxiety the first time i went back to the doctors again to complain about the pressure in my head and they said go for an eye test ( which i have yet done because my parents have not yet booked one for me) I spend a lot of time at the computer daily but not all day and i have a history of poor posture. My family history of illnesses are : A sister with asthma, A mother with chronic back pain ( sciatica) ex smoker, A father with high blood pressure ex smoker and granddad with bladder cancer.

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I also have chest pains that range from sharp to dull pains that travel from the left side near my heart to the right side. I also have a history of ritalin prescription but gave it up before i was 16. I take no other pharmaceuticals what so ever except for the odd paracetamol here and there if i have a headache or co codomal. I usually drink on weekends but i have never been a big drinker only when i was 15/16 but i wouldn't have no more than 4-5 pints. I've smoked cannabis since i was 14-15 also, I try to limit my caffeine consumption as much as possible and drink 1-3 cups of green tea week and i drink peppermint tea daily and maybe the odd black tea every couple of days and probably 1-2 cups of coffee a week. my diet consists of a lot of spicy food and i mean stupid hot food as in phal and vinderloo and naga chillies. I limit any consumption of artificial drinks such as sodas and artificial sweeteners and i rarely ever have sugar not even in my tea if anything I'll have honey. My wheat consumption is pretty high i eat bread everyday mainly in the morning and at lunch time and i eat meat regularly and processed meats.

lol I'm not very dependent I'm autistic x

I only smoke cannabis now mainly for medicinal purposes because of the back pain

a hobby would be great

What you're describing sounds just like you say, panic attacks. However, the hypochondria is caused by the cannabis I'm afraid. That causes paranoia! Try to stop smoking it.

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