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Does anyone take oramorph with co-codamol 30/500 .Dont feel like it is helping with pain now .where do I go from here now .

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As they are, both, for immediate relief, I am surprised you have been prescribed both, together. I think you should request one form of analgesia to be taken regularly, and, maybe, the Oramorph for breakthrough pain. The aim being to reduce the use of Oramorph to nil eventually. Good luck, take care and stay safe.

I was on both for years and years , some people can’t take the “longer lasting” medications . If they’ve been prescribed both then the doctor obviously thinks they need both and should listen to their doctor

Car73 in reply to FRreedman

The doctor prescribed the same for me Co-Codamol never touch the pain and I have Dyhrocodiene 30mg before and take 2 with 2 paracetamol 500mg so the same medication both rubbish, have got oramorph but don't bother with that as I is so short lasting, can't suggest anything else as your lucky you even get a phone call from the doctor, by not being able to see them they send what they like thru to the chemist very often you've already tried it. sorry can't help much

Delzek in reply to Car73

Zomorph is a long lasting type of Oramorph can last about 12 hours with Oramorph as a booster when needed, you will need to trust your DR as wellas your DR trusting you. be careful as both are addictive.

I was in both of these and Clonazepam and didnt really touch my pain much tbh.

Have you seen a pain doctor? Or been to a pain clinic? Xx

hi, I take Zomorph and Oramorph,with Paracetamol, have been on ,Gabapentinand Pregabalin at different times as well. Co-codamol I stopped taking as it interfered with my everyday life, Oramorph and Zomorph with the Paracetamol works for me although I have cut down on the Zomorph as I feel that I ignored other things because the pain was not felt ie gash on leg I didnt realise had happened until I looked down, I hate pain but at the same time on any Morphine based medication you have to be careful you can become addicted or you can accidently take more than prescribed, I just take enough now for my pain to be just about bearable.

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