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Painful hand


I have alot of pain and swelling from Carpal tunnel syndrome. I have another 3 weeks to wait for a follow up after investigation of nerves in my hand . Does anyone know the best way to help the pain and numbness. I have a splint at night which helps . During the day quite often the burning and stiffness are so bad I don't know what to do to help it. Thanks

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Surgery is the way to go, I put up with it for years messing about with splints and so on, had the op and that cured it, I wouldn't hesitate to get the other one done if needs be.

tanty5949 in reply to bantam12

Yes I agree, it's starting in the other hand too. Is it difficult to get back to normal afterwards.

Thanks .

bantam12 in reply to tanty5949

You have to give it time to heal but I had no problems at all, I had mine done on a Christmas Eve and was still cooking lunch next day, with help because I was bandaged up but was doable, whatever you do don't get both done at the same time !

tanty5949 in reply to bantam12

Thanks, no the other hand is no problem just now. I'm right handed and it's my right in trouble.

Hi, I take it you have had the nerve conduction test done. I had that done and it was the most painful experience I have ever been put through

I suffer from terrible arthritis and fibromyalgia pain as well as epilepsy. The Arthritis and Fibromyalgia cause me terrible pain 24/7 there is not a part of my body that isn’t in pain so therefore to inflict more pain on patients like myself for a test just isn’t right when you already suffer so much pain. This is definitely a test I won’t be repeating because of the severe pain there must be another way that they can test the nerves in my hands without causing me so much pain.

If I had known how painful the test was going to be I wouldn’t have had it done. I would have spoke to my Rheumatologist about other options.

Take Care

tanty5949 in reply to Cazza2612

Hello, apart from epilepsy I am suffering the same as you. The test was painful but to be honest I just wanted to get it done so I bit my lip and endured it. I also have tinnitus so life at the moment is scary . I wish you well and take care.

Hold it under the cold water tap until pain can’t be felt

tanty5949 in reply to 1234Mm

Yes I do that and sometimes an ice pack. Thanks and take care.

I suffered for a number o years with carpal tunnel first in the right hand and then in the left and well the pain was beyond belief if both went at the same time into a flare up. I had the nerve conductivity test in both hands on the same day and it was painful but no where near as bad as the carpal tunnel itself. I was confirmed and booked in for surgery on my right hand first. In the meantime I was waiting for a scan for RA in my feet. Was diagnosed with RA in june 2016. Op on hand was August 2016. Success would not have hesitated to have the left done later but after being started on RA meds the problem with my left hand almost disappeared so I wonder if my RA needs help. I still can get tingling in my hands and pins and needles but I know they are related to the RA and not carpal tunnel. Sorry for the long winded reply but definitely have the OP and the exercise given but dont forget to massage the scare area it really does help the rehabilitation of your hand stiffness and reduces the scar.

tanty5949 in reply to mjfoster

Thank you very much for your help and advice. I had both hands tested yesterday even though the left hand has only just started feeling weird. I have so much pain almost everywhere that although I have arthritis I am beginning to wonder if it's RA . You sound very caring and knowledgeable so if I may I will keep in touch. Keep safe xx

mjfoster in reply to tanty5949

No problem I would like that xxx

Hi, Sorry to learn you're in so much pain.

I've had both hands done... so can appreciate what you are going through. It drives you mad with pain sometimes.

I see you wear a splint at night which you find helps.. have you tried wearing it during the day? As you say, Ice packs do help as well.

Are you able to take any anti inflammatory tablets like ibuprofen, that will help reduce the swelling. The other thing you could try are some exercises for stretching the median nerve, you can look that up on the 'you tube'..... it's worth a shot.

The op isn't too bad, they don't put you out for it, just anaesthetize the hand. When you do get to have the op... try not to use the hand too soon as you can slow down the healing process. The hospital should give you some exercises to do.

Good luck, hope you get it done soon.x

tanty5949 in reply to saj01

Hi , yes I do take ibuprofen as well as cocodamol for pain. I will try the splint in the daytime but it's my right hand and although it tingles and hurts alot without the splint at night sometimes the pain was excessive. I also have a transdermal pain patch for my back so I am feeling very over medicated. Also without amitriptyline I would not sleep at all.Thanks for your help and take care.

saj01 in reply to tanty5949

Hi.. Not surprised you are feeling over medicated. I can't take co-codamol, I end up feeling too spaced out. As carpal tunnel is often the fore runner of arthritis, I'm thinking anything you can do to reduce the pressure on the nerve and reduce the swelling is probably the right way to go. So do try those exercises....

If you can't get an op done for ages... then maybe your gp could give you a cortisone injection in the meantime, especially as you are having to take a lot of medication just to kill the pain . I had that a couple of times and it did work...but long term cortisone is not good for the joints. Just wondering if a dsmo cream or msm might help, although some peole say dsmo cream make their skin itch?

Take care x

tanty5949 in reply to saj01

Hello, thanks for your message. When you are in loads of pain from so many areas , sometimes anything which may help is tried. With the C T S I have an appointment in 2 or 3 weeks following the nerve test I just had . I guess the next step is cortisone jabs. But I really feel I would like the operation just so the pain will go away. It's such a very bad time right now with the nasty virus that I feel quite guilty knowing how much others are suffering. Take care and I wish you well.

saj01 in reply to tanty5949

I think your GP is your next port of call... can you do an E consultation, at least that way you've broached the subject and you may be waiting months for the op... the cortisone jab does last quite a few months and it is a cheaper option. From memory the most you can have is 3 a year? It's a temporary fix which will mean you won't have to walk around spaced out... apart from which, taking lots of pain killer is not very good for you.

tanty5949 in reply to saj01

Thanks for your response, I have a date booked in 2 or 3 weeks as follow up where I am hoping something will be done to help the pain . Maybe it could be the cortisone jabs and I will sort of plead a bit for the operation s.a.p. Thanks again I am quite alone in a new area so it's lovely to think someone cares.

Hi I had carpal tunnel about ten years ago then i had the operation on both hands they told me that the operation may work or not the specialist did not tell me that I could get crps I got it both hands they did not send me to a pain specialist six months later and buy that time it was to late. Pain specialist told me that all he could do for me was to put me on strong medication my left arm was so bad that I had my arm amputated.

What u should do is get your go to send u to a pain specialist and he should be able to help u with medication

All the best and hope u get sorted.


tanty5949 in reply to Yogibe

Thanks for your response, Omg I am so sorry for all you have been through. Maybe knowledge of c t s has improved from your experience of it. I have so much pain that I have to leave myself in the hands of the doctors, fingers crossed it will go well. Take care .

U are welcome hope everything works out for u take care

I also have some in hands and arms ,feet. Try Ms society.

tanty5949 in reply to 6092177588

I will try thanks

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