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Discectomy & laminectomie at L4/5 & L5/S1


Hello everyone.

After 5 years of pain and all kind of joints steroids injections I decided to have a surgery. I hope that everything will be alright and I will walk without so much problems and more stability on my legs so, I will be more independent.

I am very anxious for the good ending..

I have Degenerative multilevel discs deseas (on cervical spine as well on three levels, lumbar on four levels, and recently on toracic beginning on two levels). I know about the risks to have a surgery but my lumbar pain became almost umbearable. Wish me good luck with it s☺

I was wondering if I can travel after 6-8 weeks with the aeroplane. Thank you in advance for all your support answers & suggestions. ☺

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I hope things go very well for you. Personally, I wouldn't fly until more like 12 weeks following surgery. Don't try to rush things - give your body the best chance to heal. Good luck.

Thank you. I have no choice, I cannot delay my travel 😔 my father is not very well and I must go to spend some time with him. Thank you

OK, good luck.

About to have knee replacement surgery myself so know how anxious you must feel.

Just think of the benefits of hopefully being pain free in the future.

Think after 8 weeks should be ok to fly but best ask surgeon.

Good luck.

monikoki in reply to Chapita

Thank you for your reply. If my surgery is not going to be in maximum two weeks I must cancel it 😔

I had a cervical discectomy 2 Dec 2019 then went to Jordan end of Jan 2020 about 7 weeks. Flight was about 5 hours. I believe after 6 weeks flights are Ok. I had special assistance at Gatwick which was a great help. The op went fine only a day of sickness due to anaesthetic. In my case I have stenosis so op was to stabilize degeneration. Improvements are quite subtle and take a while. The op itself was not a major problem, tho the possible risks seem scary. Good look and enjoy your holiday post op. I hope it helps.

monikoki in reply to Hebe24

Thank you for your reply. I am more optimistic now. Thanks to you ☺

I don't know the answer but just wanted to wish you luck and hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Thank you very much 😘

Nothing but positive thoughts going your way!!!

monikoki in reply to MixedBag

Thank you very much ☺

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