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Don’t know what to do about my pain 😢


Is there anyone here that I could private message about pain relief ?

Message me if you can help please 😽

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Hey u, did anyone get bk to you, I'd like to help, but your problems are bigger than mine but I'll try if I can xx

Queeniz in reply to Hidden

No one did 😢 don’t stress yourself babe x you okay? X

Hidden in reply to Queeniz

Im not bad thanks, so what's happening with you you sound like your going through a bad time. If you want to talk to me I'm here,if you want me to bugger off thats fine too xx 🤣

Yes I know a lot about pain relief I live on it

Queeniz in reply to CLARAmay

Could I ask you some questions ?

What type of help are you looking for? I am around most of the time and happy to listen to and answer your questions if able. Just send me a private message. Blessings

I’m around as well. I know about nerve pain.

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