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Airing Pain 116. Neuropathic Pain 2 of 2: Latest Research

The next instalment of Airing Pain airs on Tuesday 6th August, discussing the science behind neuropathic pain. Watch the trailer here!

Find the full programme on our website

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Hermes 123. Just watch the trailer! I know not on pain relative to cancer! But totally disagree routing other paths of pain, otherwise a person such as myself suffered pain since 1969. after all kinds of treatment both private and NHS the weird wonderful but no decrease in the amount of pain I suffer, one day there might be a cure but not in my life time. Hermes.


Hello Hermes123, and all other chronic pain sufferers.... If you are open to non-traditional therapies, you may be interested in trying something Dr. OZ recommends:

If you want more info and are looking for the best one, let me know.


Hi jojojerseyGirl

Hermes123 Here magnetism is as old as the hills for pain relief, its just Americans dress it up. In the 1970. I had very old neighbours who live opposite me, the husband had two industrial magnets that he slept with at the bottom of his bed and swore they help his feet, I tried it a few weeks later never made any difference to me, another thing I tried was a machine like a long tumble dryer that had magnets placed all around it, and a large calibrated wheel to turn up the intensity of the magnetic field, swore it would cure my pain, got up walk away feeling ok, half an hour later all gone.

I am certain if such a cure exist it would be in all the big hospitals, I keep an eye out for such reports, but none of the claims have reached further than the waste paper bin. Thanks anyway. Hermes.


Hi Hermes123. I understand the skepticism. My husband, who is a chiropractor felt the same way after I told him how much better I felt after using the BEMER. Which by the way, was invented in Germany at the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin. The research is all online. See for real medical studies. In my own case with my severe back discomfort, the proof is in the pudding as they say. 5 years and counting.


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