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Can neuropathic pain spread

I was wondering if it is possible for anyone suffering from neuropathic pain, to experience spreading of pain from area of injury/ or site where neuropathic pain existed. I have been feeling extreme sensational,burning,stabbing, numbing pain like it appears to be spreading more away from area of my initial scarring and tearing though the area of nerve damage is still very much in pain. Has anyone ever experienced this feeling at all. If so please share

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that's a tough one to call,I've got peripheral neuropathy in my legs and feet,and I also get the most horrendous pins and needles in my arms if I reach out to much,I've suffered over 5 years and all the symptoms that's associated with pn,and then there's the problem cause I don't know if some of the pains are caused by pn,and I don't want to keep going to the GP,so I feel as if I'm in an impasse in life and I'm a bit like you as some of the pain I get are not always near the main areas,but I would say its probably likely that pn can affect any area as I presume that nerves send signals all over the body,hope your not suffering to bad and if your not sure see your gp ,good luck


For definate yes! I have nerve pain from a knee injury but now I have nerve pain in both knees,going into feet and horrific pain in my arms into my hands which has now resulted in me being on some of the strongest drugs and needing help with care. You need to see your GP and get him to refer you to the Pain Clinic but I must warn you this is an on going process and a lot of these drugs don't help neuropathy, I have acupuncture its not a miracle worker but it helps me to relax and takes the edge off and for me anything that gives me just a tiny bit of relief is worth it!


I suffer neuropathic pain from a thorasic back injury .. the pain radiates round my chest n into my obdoman which actually makes my tummy muscles go into spasm.

Ive suffered this since the injury in 2007 and have to have regular osteopathic treatment, acupuncture & take Gabapentin which is a nerve suppressant.

You are not alone !!

Big hugs xxx

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Thank you for response, somehow when pain is unbearable you start think you also going crazy lol,so it is a relief to know it happens to others too.


Hi, yes it does make you feel crazy sometimes but your not alone. I suffer with neuropathic type pain too from a condition I had that damaged my nerves to a point of intermittent numbness in large areas of the body and a couple of years on, I might still be healing. I understand nerves are very very slow to regrow where connections have been lost and some of those pain sensations can be part of it. have started lately also having tachychardia. I understand it that the sympathetic nervous system discharging and ramping up your pain. The tachychardia can be a sign of it so I guess that might be happening with me. Neuropathic type pain is so hard to treat. Unfortunately Gabepenton and the like never worked for me, and made me tearful. Doing minfulness therapy has helped when pain is really not giving me a break for a whilr or times like Im getting so cranky with the feeling I cant escape my body and just have to make do with the odd sensations my body is giving and still concentrate or feel happy being alive if that makes sense. Best of luck with your pain journey


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