Chronic Joint Pain

I am suffering from chronic joint pain. Every joint in my body hurts so badly that sometimes I wish I could be numb to all of this . I have seen physiotherapists and homeopathic practitioners and they all have their own opinions of the situation . Moreover , I have also been told by my GP that it is psychosomatic . I am not sure of what to do as my pain is worsening . Please help .

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  • Hi,Just one question,are you on Statins.?

  • No I'm not

  • It's OK,it's just that statins cause muscle pain.

  • Swimming is the best physio

    If you swim 5 days a week you would feel improvements in flexibility and lower pain X

  • Thx. I used to be a competitive swimmer before , but for now I guess I should swim in a more relaxed way.

  • It sounds to me like you need to find a new GP who will do some investigations and not fob you off! I've been in a similar situation - chronic and worsening joint pain in ankles/feet, knees, shoulders/neck/upper back, and now my hips. I've had to keep pushing my doctors for further tests and referrals. I won't go into all the details as it's a really long story. But, eventually, they've diagnosed neck/spine arthritis which explains the upper body pain - it took a long time to get them to investigate though.

    My advice would be to try to get your doctor to refer you to a rheumatologist - or find a GP who will refer you. I get really fed up of doctors who fob us off with "it's all in the mind"! Grrr...

    Good luck with it - you have to fight for your rights to tests and treatments.

  • Thank you ! I will try to persuade my GP to give me a referral as well ! Ya , I really hate it when they dismiss the root of the pain . I hope your pain gets better :)

  • Have you seen a rheumatologist? If not, then talk with your GP about it. If you have had this joint pain for a while and there isn't an explanation for it, then you really should be seen by a rheumatologist to rule out inflammatory joint pain. If you have had rheumatology blood tests done by a GP, and they are negative, then you could still be referred for what they call sero-negative (i.e. negative on blood tests) inflammatory arthritis.

  • Wow . I didn't know that. Thanks . I'll look into that as well

  • Hypothyroidism and/or Vitamin B12 Deficiency can cause chronic pains.

    Low or deficient vitamin D too can cause joint pains too.

    Doctors tell many their bloods are OK when they often are not.

    They rely on unreliable blood test results.

    Put your story out on both Thyroid UK and PAS (fot B12 Deficiency) on here- Health Unlocked.

    Also ask for a printout of all recent bloods and their ranges from either your doctor or receptionist and pop them up on these sites for other members to help you.

    Many in my Family have been missed by unreliable blood test results.

  • Thanks for your advice . I'll check Pas and Thyroid uk to see if it's suitable .

  • Also on TUK they will help with vitamin and mineral advice, some chronic pains can be down to just a vitamin deficiency, I can vouch for that one.

  • Are you getting enough sleep? Lack of sleep will cause poor muscle control which in turn can cause joint pain.

    See a massage therapist who can help reduce the amount of tense muscle you have. This together with more sleep should help reduce some of the pain even if it does not cure the problem.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks ! I suppose the amount of school work is keeping me rather wired up .. I'll try to relax and maybe find some help . I have also heard that acupuncture works wonders . Cheers .

  • Before I was diagnosed with Lupus I suffered with really awful joint pains in my ankles, feet, knees, hands, wrists, elbows etc. The only which helped me was acupuncture - three treatments and it was gone. If you haven't already tried it, do think about it seriously, it worked really well for me!

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