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Update on Chest Pain


Hi guys. So a couple of weeks back I posted on here about chest pain I was suffering from. At around the beginning of July, I began suffering from a sharp, stabbing chest pain. I also had pain down my arms, mainly my left. I saw my GP, who checked my blood pressure, listened to my heart, and also gave me an ECG. Apparently all was okay, and so he felt that it may have been caused by acid that was also causing a spasm in my chest. Having taken Omeprazole for a month, the pain seemingly went away in a few days.

I then finished the couse of treatment, and the pain returned. However now, I also seem to get periods of lightheaded ness, and also strange sensation in my throat which where it feels as though I’m struggling to breathe. Yawning temporarily fixes this problem. I saw my GP again, who insisted that as a 28 year old it’s highly unlikely to be heart related, and also told me that the ECG would’ve showed something up if my heart was the issue. He also explained that certain symptoms may be caused by stress.

He gave me another course of Omeprazole and asked me to give a stool sample to rule out anyway stomach problems. However, having taken the Omeprazole for a week, it doesn’t appear to changing anything. What I’m left with is a dull ache in my forearm on my left arm, and a chest pain which comes and goes.

Rheumatic pain runs in my family, and my parents have tried to explain the arm pain may well be rheumatic, but I’m just so scared right now and don’t know what to think or believe. My doctor insists my heart is not the problem. Does anybody have any advice?

I’m a 28 year old male by the way. Relatively healthy, walk at pace for 30-45 minutes a day. Used to be a lot bigger and my diet was very unhealthy until about a year ago.

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Hi sorry you are suffering this. The obvious thing to say is has your doctor ruled out anything/everything rheumatic? If not then why not mention it to him/her and also your family history and get this checked out? x


Hi did you have a blood test .chest pain could be related to anima low blood count if you had a blood test and it came back ok then it rules that out

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