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Hi all, I have not being on here for some time, I have been struggling due to the pain

I tried to get through by persevering with hydrotherapy and and keeping active but I kept falling, I was around 125kg in september and I looked at myself and realised that my weight, was causing me more pain on top of the constant nerve and back pain.

So I decided to reduce my weight, not easy at all, I started slowly by reducing my food intake and also cut out red meat and all the sugars, I am on a journey towards vegetarianism, so far I have lost 12kg and it is working really well.

I am still in pain, but carrying less weight is definitely a benefit. I have increased my hydrotherapy to 3 days a week to help with the pain.

I just wanted to say I have found it helpful in many ways, I no longer snore and drinking lots of water has helped particularly before each meal, as well as juicing my kale and apple in the morning to replace cereals.

I feel much better mentally and physically, though the chronic pain still persists.

I am still on the journey but I am taking slow and steady steps.

Thanks for reading this post, will keep you posted.

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  • well done on the weight loss. And congratulations on being positive in the physio.


    Liz ❀

  • congratulations to your perseverance with your weight programme,as you get fitter you'll notice the weight will continue to shed more kg's,so whilst your eating it's still important to make sure your body receives the right nutrition,certain cereals contains sugar,whilst others give you the vitamins that are recommended on a daily basis without any sugars,and some weeks you'll probably lose more weight than others so don't get to despondent if that happens,as sometimes losing weight to quickly doesn't give the skin the chance to reduce at the same time,so do what your doing,and if your in to much pain one day,don't beat yourself up,and hopefully over the next few weeks your pains might ease off,as humans are skeletal frames are designed to help ourselves and all these fancy gyms can cost a fortune,so even if your not going to a gym,we can do our own exercises,so well done to you,and keep the good work going.😊

  • Thanks for the tip on nutrition, will try to keep a sense of balance and proportion about it.πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • Congratulations on your hard work and persistence. Even seemingly small weight losses will add up and be beneficial.

  • Good to hear this. It is hard to lose weight when physical activity is painful but working through some pain can be hugely beneficial. This is where I am at the moment but the exercise is not for weight loss but to strengthen muscles. I am finding it very hard so I am impressed by your determination.

    It's great to hear about someone who takes takes it into their own hands to improve their condition and sticks with it.

    I don't eat meat and I am sure it has helped in keeping me the right weight despite minimal physical activity. Only thing I have to watch is making sure I have enough protein through beans and pulses and not too much from dairy.

    Best of luck with the rest of the journey


  • Congrats!! Your journey is an inspiraration to us!!

  • Hi ,my name's Sheila and I am not doing so well since cauda equina syndrome struck!!! I was constantly going to a&e only to be sent home again in hours!! Blue lighted 3 times and only the same outcome ;!! In the end they did an m,r,I next day I was phoned to get straight to hospital!!! Operation no 1 ,no 2 within a month and number 3 6 months later !!! I now self catheterization every day and the pain in my calf radiating to my toe esp little one,,, So I hope you like me get something from sharing our pain ,, please can I ask you how you get on with the hydrotherapy?!! I was offered to be put on waiting list but it's been a long time since,,,all my love and hugs she xx well done with the wait loss that's something that has crept up on me its so depressing xxx

  • Hi Sheila, so sorry to hear your ordeal, Try to take things one moment at a time, I try not to look too far ahead or backwards.Yes the hydrotherapy has been of immense value,mas the pool is quite warm and I gently do my exercises, which the physio showed me after I took a letter from my GP, each patient will have a a tailored exercise depending on their injury.Yes ask to go on hydrotherapy waiting list, though it is usually restricted to three sessions, I had to go and join a sports club that had warm pool and a jacuzzi, found it to be beneficial, I hope this answered your question, sending you positive vibes.

  • Thanks for your lovely reply ,I think keeping a positive attitude towards it works as there's always someone else who is far worse off !! Pain a little better today,thank god I sometime think about cutting my leg of like a,few others I've heard!!! The pain outer edge inch under the knee radiates down the edge of foot into the toes I don't think I can handle this any longer,pain clinic is far between its s joke ,hydrotherapy letter should have arrived months ago!! It's just that it seems like every appt takes a lifetime!!! πŸ‘£ if they had to walk in my shoes and others they wouldn't like it;!! Getting downhearted sorry xx hope everyone else is having a good day 😊

  • Hi Sheila, don't apologise, we are all here to help each other, we need a place to vent, this is the place.Re your appointment, you have to pester them, they will try to avoid getting you an appointment as they are looking at their budgets, keep pestering them they will get an appointment for you.

    Hope you have a good day, sending you positive vibes.

  • Hi Fed I have done same but I joined my local well known slimming club in June and have do far lost 2st 8 and half pounds - I agree with you entirely I feel much better for it - can walk further with the dog as well as faster not only that it's nice to walk into shops that don't cater for bigger folks and actually get clothes that I've always wanted to - keep it going hun- I've still got a long way to go yet but know I will get there. Take care πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  • Thanks Toolie πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  • Sounds like you're doing well and eating healthy will energise you. I was thinking of getting

    a nutra bullitt, is that what theyre called. You have inspired me as I need to lose a stone.

  • Thats great well done i really need to loose weight as i have put on so much which iis making my depression worse. I would appreciate any tips x

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