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Hi everyone, so for the last 8 months I have suffered from severe pain in my abdomin, back and legs, I had a lap done and nothing was found and after so many tests and different contraceptives I’ve had to take my contraceptive bar out because they don’t know what’s wrong with me, now I’m really struggling with taking the pill and am scared I’ll get pregnant, I was wondering if any of you lovely people would be able to tell me about your IUD insert and how it’s helped you in anyway


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Hi Tay

I personally have never used an IUD. However several of my friends have used and it never ended well. Best advice I ever received from my doctor was to listen your body. Are you comfortable with the Depot Injection?

I hope you feel better soon!



I have had a long 3yrs problem with periods iam coming up 55and thought I would be through all this by now I have a merino coil inserted and has reduced the bleeding amount but I have all period symptoms a week before a bleed then bleed for 2weeks not the that heavy as before I was using large nappy and couldn't leave the house now iam in pain for 3weeks out the month really getting me down


H. IUD depends on your age and whether you have had children. I had one years ago after my daughter was born and because it didn't have hormones in, experienced very heavy bleeding; however the actual insertion was fine. I am now 53 and just had another one fitted (a hormonal one this time) and it was awful because my cervix was so tight I had to be dilated - very painful. This is because my daughter is now 23 so a long time since I had a baby! However, now it has settled down it is fine - no bleeding or anything. It did take 6 months or so to settle - I experienced spotting etc for quite a while, but no pain. So, if you can tolerate the insertion (as I said this depends a lot on your circumstances) it is great once in. Sorry it isn't a cut and dried answer.


Mine gave me such horrible cramps that I could not stand up straight. My sister got pregnant with an IUD when the baby was born it was right by her hand. Scary


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