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Nerve compression led to muscle atrophy

Has anyone had spinal muscle. Denervation? My EMG shows no nerve impulses to my paraspinal muscles which has caused led muscular wasting. I can't walk upstairs without pulling. Not can I run. Can't walk without some support. I'm going to try Neuro muscular electrical stimulation to gain some muscle gain in my legs. Also may move to FL so I can stay in the beach water for constant exercise. As oppose d to pool water.

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Hi there, I have had this procedure a couple of times and I've also had it recently in my right leg because the the nerve endings to my knee are causing problems. It has worked well and lasts for about a year or so before it needs repeating


I had a denervation at L3/L4, L4/L5, and L5/S1. I have paralyzed paraspinal muscles on the left side, as well as a permanent spasm in my left lower back. The permanent spasm was caused by surgery for a slipped disc, but the paraspinal muscles... I don't really know when that started. Could have been the denervation.


I have had muscle wastage in my left glute, thigh and calf, which is due to nerve damage from either the original slipped disc or the surgery - unclear. I saw a physio who gave me some exercises for my left side, and they seem to be helping.


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