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I've posted in the past about having C.R.P.S and the constant agony I suffer and how hard life is living with this beast,this time I'm posting because of my weight,I'm 6'2 and 18st 8lbs,before I was diagnosed with my illness 2 years ago I was a steady 14st, despite my size I eat very little,having C.R.P.S in my left ankle makes it impossible to walk and get about,I'm sat in the chair in front of the box all day every day,I know pregablin can cause weight gain but I can't blame that,how can I lose weight without standing up?i can't bear any amount of weight at all on my left leg.

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  • Hello

    If I knew an answer I would make a fortune, when disabled the difference between gaining an loosing weight can be a real problem, Friday I had an appointment with the dietician because of inactivity due to disability. I had another appointment with another dietician before I moved up country,

    If I would tell you that one slice of bread actually contains one hundred calories, if the bread is a grain loaf with seeds in it contains about one hundred and eighty calories, if you reduce your bread intake by one slice for a year you would be suprised how many calories you have saved. The same problem applies to sweets and even vegatables, not forgetting fruit, If you have an additional apple, that contains a natural sugar, so a problem arises with disabled patients a hundred calories can be quite critical.

    All I am saying here is weight loss for disabled, can be problematic and the amount we eat is that much more critical.

    With the problems of exercise it becomes more critical, you are not burning calories, so you need to compensate for that, so a disabled person has that additional problem, how to reduce those hypothetical calories for exercise.

    If anyone here has a fail free method that takes in the fact that we need to increase our metabolic rate to burn energy it can prove very problematic, thank goodness Christmas is over.

    On the weight loss stakes, life is very complex for many disabled people especially when medications such as for example steroids and AD it seems that we are on a very difficult road

    All the best


  • Sorry there is no magic answer to weight loss when your immobile only to eat less, but chair exercises help keep your other none painful joints subtle and stop the muscles seizing up. There is lots of advice on Arthritis Uk of light exercises to help painful joints.Hope this helps

  • No magic answer, but there are ways to exercise even if you can't stand - for example rowing machines, using lightish weights for arm exercises, or even a recumbant bicycle where you don't have to press down with your foot. Ask to see a physiotherapist and get their advice on exercise that you can do that won't hurt your foot, of find a gym that is used to having older or disabled clients use it, and see what they suggest

  • Thankyou to all you lovely folk who have replied to my problem,I wish you all a great pain free happy new year

  • Diet makes for weight loss more than exercise. I have tried every diet going but for me, Slimming World is nothing short of miraculous. Lovely food and plenty of it, no calorie counting. I have lost, with ease, 1.5 stone in 2.5 months.

  • Hi

    I completely get where you are coming from, it is definitely doable you are just going to have to be really strict with yourself on what you eat. There are plenty of weight loss option groups out there for you to join that give you the support knowledge & understanding of people with the same goal to loose weight, lookup your local slimming world or weight watchers groups in your area. If you have the will power drive but more importantly the money you could look into the Cambridge diet very effective as you basically live on shakes or soups that you get from your local representative that you sign up to see. If you don't have the finances for this you can try the slim fast or supermarket equivalent & replace 2 of your 3 meals with shakes & have a healthy dinner.

    I am speaking from experience here am currently battling with my own weight loss I have lost 5st last year by going to slimming world I have more weight I need to loose as I have been recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip & it needs replacing. I do go to the gym & have 1-2-1 sessions with a personal trainer on a rehab basis this all helps to keep my hip going & he provides that extra support I need too for my weight loss. I've noticed from your name you appear to be Yorkshire raised I am too & if you were in my part of Yorkshire Sheffield I would not hesitate sending you to see my personal trainer.

    Good luck with your weight loss & your painful ankle I hope you get them both resolved.

  • I too have CRPS in my left ankle I have had it for nearly a year now and it has spread to my knee and currently it's starting in my hip. I am lucky as it took 8months for diagnosis I have never stopped using my leg even though some days I'm in tears using it due to the pain. But I also had a good physiotherapist and I had hydro therapy to begin with. Due to being in water so much less weight is on your leg but you can begin to use it again. I strongly recommend hydrotherapy. Food isn't something I would recommend cutting unless you speak to a nutritionist only reason I say this is if I do not eat regularly and healthly I can't get through a day of pain.

    I hope this helps basically you need to get in touch with your doctor and tell them what you want help with. Also if pregabalin isn't helping try other medication have you been to pain clinic and tried different combinations? Sorry if I'm repeating things you already know hope it helps. Good luck

  • It's well known that both pregabalin and gabapentin put on weight. Until recently I didn't know it is WATER they hold, not fat, so dieting won't work. It certainly didn't for me, even when I was well enough to walk 4km. I have never been a snacker or had a sweet tooth, so I eat healthily. When I was switched to Topiramate this year the weight fell off me, 15kg in all, I am only 3kg off my previous weight even though for 15 months I have been unable to walk for more than 10 minutes. Good luck everyone.

  • Hi, after 7 years of being in a wheelchair I know what your on about. Having skimmed the other replies I thought I would put my 2 cents in. I found 3 options for myself, diet, exercise, or both. That's what I did and lost about 4 stone. It takes determination but it is possible. Find a diet that suits you (they don't all work for every one). And invest in upper body exercise tools. I got some dumb bells, some theraband and a hand cycle that you put on a table. That worked the best for me. Eating right and at least 45 min continues exercise every day and will soon notice the difference!

    Best of luck!


  • Hi, I may be able to help. Can you tell me the extent of the pain you are in...I mean how much of your body does it affect? I've been working on .losing weight for years I've put on 3 stone in 17yrs, which is a lot for me) with my own chronic pain condition and have just lost 1/2 a stone in about two months, which for me is just amazing...especially over the xmas period. I've worked out some movement therapy for myself to do whilst lying down, which i do about 90% of the time. Do you live in Yorkshire? My sister lives near Thirsk, if that's anywhere near you. Anyway...chin up, don't give in and don't let the b***get you down... 'n all that. More seriously though I know how hard it is, and it may not be suitable for your condition, i don't know but I'm more than happy to share.

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